‘1883’ Star Amanda Jaros Reveals the ‘Beautiful Thing’ About ‘Yellowstone’ and the Prequel

by Courtney Blackann

Fans of “Yellowstone” were stoked when they learned of Taylor Sheridan’s “1883” prequel. The two tales can be enjoyed separately. However, they tie the Dutton family together over generations. And actress Amanda Jaros says there’s something individually beautiful about both shows.

Jaros plays Alina on “1883.” She’s a European immigrant who speaks little English. But her story will unfold as she helps Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) learn to become a cowboy. The actress is not only super thrilled to be a part of the epic drama, she says she’s always wanted to be a part of a “wild west” story.

But further, Jaros is a huge fan of Taylor Sheridan and “Yellowstone.” Speaking to Express, she revealed why both shows are beautifully told.

“As the Yellowstone origin story, I understand why people compare this prequel to its contemporary counterpart,” Jaros says.

She also adds that:

“But the beautiful thing about both shows is that they highlight western cultures in different eras and illustrate how people (whether friends, family or foes) can either help or hurt one another amidst their circumstances.”

The “1883” star also shares how working on a series like this is truly a dream come true for her.

“What stands out about this show specifically is how Taylor wrote each episode like he was writing a novel,” she says.

Writing “1883” Like Chapters in a Book

And it’s fascinating that Jaros picked up on that detail because Sheridan himself said that’s exactly how he wanted to write the Dutton family story. Whether it’s a tale of struggle and hardship in a post-Civil War era or a story about modern-day cowboys protecting their land, Sheridan wanted each part to come out like a chapter in a book.

“When all of the pieces of my brain came together for 1883, I decided to write it like a novel,” Sheridan says. “And then just film the novel.”

And so far, he’s done just that. “1883” has been received incredibly well by fans. The cinematography is stunning and the cast is simply perfect. Each unique character contains complexities that are beginning to peel like layers of an onion.

Just as with “Yellowstone,” “1883” offers a deep look into the first generation of Duttons. They are making the treacherous journey west. Their family bond proves to be a focal point of the story as they face a plethora of obstacles.

The fifth episode of “1883” is set to air on Paramount+ January 16. The most recent chapter of the series showed the characters struggle to cross the Brazos River. The move left many of the gypsies and immigrants dead after drowning. We also saw Elsa come into her own as a woman. She’s found a cowboy to love and their relationship is just beginning to blossom. There’s so much more in store – and we can’t wait to see what happens next.