‘1883’s Amanda Jaros Tells Why She Struggled With Her ‘Vanity’ on the Show

by Lauren Boisvert

“1883” star Amanda Jaros is a beautiful actress, but her character is dirty and probably smells bad from weeks living rough on the road. How did she reconcile this drastic change from her normal life?

Speaking with the New York Post, Jaros outlined what is was like having to transform herself so drastically for the role of Alina. “I did struggle with my vanity on this show,” she laughed. One of the requirements for playing the character was not shaving her legs or underarms for five months.

“It’s because of close-ups,” she explained. “Sure, it became uncomfortable. It was fine for Alina — but I wanted to wear tank tops on my days off. I was only self-conscious when I wasn’t in character. Eventually, I just had to embrace it. The night I wrapped, the very first thing I did was hop in the shower and shave!”

Additionally, she told a story about working with the “1883” hair and makeup department on creating Alina’s look. “I told the hair and makeup department, ‘Go ahead and make me look hideous!’” she recalled. “Trust me, Alina was not concerned with how she looks.”

She continued, mentioning an encounter with producer Michael Friedman one day while filming. “Michael said, ‘Oh, hello. What do you do?’” said Jaros. “Our costume designer said, ‘She’s one of the actors.’ He said, ‘Oh, who do you play?’ I said, ‘Alina!’ And he replied, ‘Oh, my gosh, you look nothing like her!’ I thought that was such a compliment.”

True, Jaros is striking and unrecognizable when not in character. Alina definitely shows the wear and tear of being on the road, living rough with no showers and barely enough food to eat. But Jaros is stunning as herself, and you almost wouldn’t believe she could transform that completely on “1883.”

Amanda Jaros Would Be ‘Really Surprised’ if ‘1883’ is Not Renewed

“1883” isn’t quite over yet, but we’re already talking about season 2. Amanda Jaros mentioned in her interview with the New York Post that she’s optimistic the show will be renewed.

“Everyone’s loving the show,” she said. “It’s a testament to [Taylor Sheridan’s] hard work.” Indeed, “1883” became an overnight success, beating out “Yellowstone” with its premiere ratings. People love that it’s connected but not completely tied to “Yellowstone.” You don’t have to be up to date on John, Beth, and Kayce’s latest antics to enjoy “1883.”

“I think the ‘Yellowstone’ fanbase is so excited about this show that I’d be really surprised if it didn’t get picked up for a second season,” Jaros concluded. But, like I said, not just the “Yellowstone” fanbase. They have a huge stake in the show, but really, anyone can enjoy it for what it is: a tried and true Western.