‘1883’ Star Anna Fiamora Explains Her Perspective as an Immigrant on the Show

by Samantha Whidden

Just a couple of weeks after the finale of 1883, actress Anna Fiamora explains her perspective being an immigrant on the series. 

During a recent sit-down, Anna Fiamora explained her role as an immigrant and why it is important for her. “There are so many storylines from so many people from different backgrounds. It was incredible for me because I am an immigrant myself.”

Anna Fiamora then opened up about her own immigrant journey. “I moved with nothing but a suitcase and a little bit of money in my bank account. To tell a story about how someone goes across the world to follow their dream. I wanted to give someone a feeling of being represented and shown and seen.”

In regards to what she hopes the 1883 audience understands about her role, Anna Fiamora added, “So, if you embark on a journey that expects a lot of struggle for you, one day you will know why it’s worth it all.”

‘1883’ Star Anna Fiamora Opens Up About Wanting to Serve in Ukraine’s Military Forces

Prior to Russia’s invasion into Ukraine last month, Anna Fiamora opened up about wanting to serve in Ukraine’s military forces before immigrating to the U.S. “In 2015, when a war was spreading from the eastern border of Ukraine into the depth of its territory like metastatic cancer, I wanted to join Ukrainian military forces as a nurse. I enrolled into a course of tactical medicine. But then dropped out a couple days later.”

Anna Fiamora further explained that it wasn’t fear of death that suddenly changed her decision. She wasn’t scared of blood either. “But what did scare me was the news that even as a medic I would still have to carry weapon. And use it against other people the situation called for it. I couldn’t imagine a life for myself, however long or short it may be, if I ever had to pull a trigger.”

Anna Fiamora decided it was best for her to withdraw. Knowing that she and her family were still far enough from the war zone. “But the tragedy of war is that most people who are caught in the midst fit don’t have a choice. Once it knocks on your door, the only choice you’re left with is between someone you love and a stranger holding a gun to their head.”

Anna Fiamora Talks New Threats on Ukraine

Luckily, the war managed to eventually die down on the eastern border. However, Anna Fiamora stated that she started the new year talking to her mother about the threat of a new military intervention on Ukraine. This time closer to her home. “And once again, I’m spending sleepless nights thinking about the cost of human life and how easily it’s reduced to zero when violence takes over. 1883 is not about war. But it’s heartbreakingly honest in showing how the world becomes black and white when life takes away your choice.”