‘1883’: Audie Rick’s Mom Had To Teach Him About Bad Words After Episode 7

by Leanne Stahulak

On the latest episode of “1883,” star Audie Rick had a standout moment that will make any parent of young kids relate.

Rick’s character, John Dutton Sr., learned a new word from a recently introduced character. We met Cookie (James Jordan), who will cook for the wagon train, during Episode 6. But in the latest “1883” episode, Cookie threw a fit when one of the immigrants grabbed some food before Cookie handed it out.

He yelled several choice words, including the F word, within earshot of the whole camp. Lo and behold, little John was standing right behind him the whole time. And as soon as Cookie finished his rant, John turned to Maragret Dutton (Faith Hill) and asked, “What does f*** mean, Mama?”

“It means a spanking, and a good ones,” Margaret replied.

Just like Maragret had to teach her son about curse words, “1883” star Audie Rick’s mom faced a similar situation when they read that scene in the script.

‘1883’ Star Audie Rick’s Mom Describes ‘Practicing’ Saying the F Word

“1883” star Audie Rick has an Instagram account that’s run by his mother. Earlier this week, Rick’s mom posted some behind-the-scenes photos from Episode 7 as well as a hilarious anecdote about Rick preparing for his F word scene.

“So Audie knew this line was coming all day, he was waiting for it!” Rick’s mom began in her post. “At 5 years old we had a big talk about words written for John to say that Audie is NOT allowed to even mutter. He practiced saying it once all the way through (mom wouldn’t let him say it more than once for practice).”

She continued, “Finally the time comes for his lines- cameras in place, rehearsals over, he’s ready. Before they yell action something made Faith say, ‘oh shit’ and she immediately says, ‘oops, sorry, I meant oh shoot!’ Someone was joking around and goes, ‘Mama, what does shit mean?’ Super funny considering Audie’s standing right there and all the cast is so great about keeping it G-rated around him.

“Few minutes later they reset, yell action, Audie looks up and sure enough goes, ‘Mama, what does shit mean… F***. What does f*** mean?’ The funniest thing he’s done on set and totally innocent,” Rick’s mom shared. “He had no clue!”

The fact that the young “1883” star used the word in such perfect context without any idea is priceless. Although, we don’t envy his mom for having to have this talk at just five years old about curse words.

“Really fun scene to shoot considering- got to watch @actorjamesjordan in action– he is the nicest guy ever– such a pleasure to share that scene with you, James!” Rick’s mom continued. “And no, Audie hasn’t tried to say that word since.. phew! Any of your kids have funny first bad word stories?”

We’re sure you “1883” fans have plenty.