‘1883’: Best Lines from the Trailer for the ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: ViacomCBS Press Express, Paramount Plus

“There’s only one killer in Fort Worth, and that’s me.” As the Yellowstone spinoff’s first full trailer reveals, 1883 is set for some fine Western dialogue.

If there’s one thing audiences have come to expect from Yellowstone, it’s killer one-liners. Thanks to Friday’s surprise drop of the 1883 trailer, we now know to expect the same from the prequel.

Within, we’re treated to hard-hitting dialogue from Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and even Billy Bob Thornton’s historical lawman, Jim Courtright. Below, you’ll find the best the trailer has to offer from each.

The Best Lines from ‘1883’ So Far

That is a free country. That is No Man’s Land and that’s where we’re headed!”

She Brennan (Sam Elliott) on the treacherous road ahead in 1883

Presumably, Shea Brennan delivers the lines on our list to James Dutton amidst the turmoil of their journey into “No Man’s Land.” It goes a long way in setting up the dynamic between these two. From his dialogue in the trailer (below), it looks as if Sam Elliott’s Pinkerton agent is set to play the role of a wise and cautious mentor, rather than a straight-up no-nonsense gunslinger.

“I admire your courage. But you’re gonna pick a fight you can’t win before long.”

Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott), 1883

Getting a piece of dialogue from Billy Bob Thornton in character from the trailer proves a highlight, too. His character, Jim Courtright, is a historical figure pulled straight from the history of Texas. For more on him and his checkered, stranger-than-fiction life story, Outsider has you covered.

“There’s only one killer in Fort Worth, and that’s me.”

Jim Courtright (Billy Bob Thornton), 1883

Tim McGraw’s Best Lines as James Dutton

And then we have series lead Tim McGraw as James Dutton. While his performance might not be exactly what fans were expecting, the country superstar absolutely looks to be pouring his heart and soul into his ancestral Dutton.

“I believe in you. I believe in that boy. And I believe in our daughter. That’s all.”

James Dutton (Tim McGraw), 1883

“My family’s heading here tonight and then we’re headin’ North. And we’ll keep headin’ North ’til I find country that’s worth the journey.”

James Dutton (Tim McGraw), 1883

“Anybody else wanna f*ck with my family? Anybody?”

James Dutton (Tim McGraw) as he wards off assailants in 1883

Indeed, as the trailer emboldens: “The Road West was Paved With Blood.” Check out the full trailer for 1883 below, premiering exclusively on Paramount Plus December 19.

From Academy Award nominee Taylor Sheridan, co-creator of Yellowstone, 1883 follows the Dutton family as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America. Staring Academy Award nominee Sam Elliott and country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

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