‘1883’: Could Jeff Bridges Make an Appearance in the Upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ Spin-Off?

by Suzanne Halliburton

We would love this if true. Could Jeff Bridges be a guest star, even a recurring character, on 1883, the new Yellowstone prequel?

Filming is underway in and around Fort Worth, Texas. That’s a pretty close drive for 1883 creator Taylor Sheridan to make it to work, considering he and his wife live in Weatherford, which is about 30 miles away.

And recently, Jeff Bridges was spotted in Fort Worth. Maybe it’s a coincidence. Or maybe there’s an 1883 reason people are seeing Bridges around town.

It’s now a topic of Reddit. A user named YellowstonePN posted Sunday:

1883, the Yellowstone prequel, is shooting in my hometown. People have seen Jeff Bridges and Sam Elliott walking around town.”

Another user replied: “The Big Lebowski reunion everyone asked for.”

If Bridges Was in Cast, ‘1883’ Would be a Big Lebowski Reunion

Yep, a Big Lebowski reunion would be fun. Bridges was the Dude. And Elliott was known only as “the Stranger.” Did you know Elliott thinks the role back in 1998 helped change the course of his career.

“I was at that point in my career where I was thinking I was never going to be thought of as anything else other than a laconic cowboy,” Elliott said. “I was in Texas doing a thing with John Milius called the Rough Riders. (And) I was playing another guy wearing a hat riding a horse, a military man, a guy named Bucky O’Neill. And I got a script delivered to me from the Coen brothers. My agent sent it to me.

“Because I felt like I was in that box, I was so excited to get back to the hotel. I’m thinking, the f—ing Coen brothers, man! This has got to be some wacky f—ing character, as far as possible from being a cowboy! I get in there, and I started reading it, and it’s talking about this voiceover in a southern drawl, and ‘Tumbling Tumbleweeds’ is mentioned playing in the background, and this voice ‘sounding not unlike Sam Elliott.’ Then he shows up in a bowling alley dressed like a drugstore cowboy looking ‘not unlike Sam Elliott.’ [Laughs] So, I went from feeling boxed-in, into just realizing how thankful I was that that was the box I was in, because it just led to all this other great work.”

Bridges Knows a Good Cowboy – He Revived a John Wayne Character

Of course, Bridges knows how to play a cowboy. He portrayed Rooster Cogburn in the 2010 remake of True Grit, another Coen Brothers project. It takes some tall boots to try and recreate a John Wayne role. And Bridges earned a nomination for an Academy Award.

Because of terrific movies like The Big Lebowski, Elliott now is in 1883. And guess what. He plays a cowboy, especially, an old cowboy named Shea Brennan. The 1883 description says that Brennan will have “the herculean task of guiding a group from Texas to Montana, and he does not suffer fools.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, the country superstars, also are major players in 1883. McGraw portrays James Dutton, with Hill playing his wife, Margaret. The two are the ancestors of the current bunch of Duttons now on Yellowstone.

Paramount+ is giving 1883 as a Christmas treat. The show premieres, Dec. 19. Stay tuned.