‘1883’ Star Dawn Olivieri Had To Learn To ‘Reverse Operate’ a Toilet in Her Costume

by Joe Rutland

When Dawn Oliveri was on a show like 1883 under the watch of Taylor Sheridan, she knows that he wants everything authentic. That goes for the wardrobe, too. Olivieri did learn how to do some things with her costume on and that includes going to the bathroom. Hey, if you gotta go, then you gotta go.

‘1883’ Actress Dawn Olivieri Recalled How She Would Operate the Toilet

“Well, the funny thing is I learned real fast you gotta reverse operate a toilet experience,” 1883 actress Dawn Olivieri said. “Because with all of that going on in the back and everything, there’s just no way you can sit so you actually have to turn on top of the toilet and straddle it and go forward.

“I just started doing that and then it became a conversation on set,” Olivieri said. “And someone read something online about how to use the restroom when you’re wearing 1800s outfits and that was one of the things, you got to turn around and do the opposite approach so it’s funny, it was a funny thing. It’s intense.” There’s more available from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Now if you missed Olivieri on the show and got started a bit late, then you might have missed her. Her character Claire was part of the 1883 family, of course. But she saw her time on the show end in the second episode.

Olivieri’s Character Claire Dies Gruesome Death In Second Episode

How did all this happen? James’ niece Mary Abel dies after her mother Claire’s resentful nature kicks up a storm with outlaws. Bandits arrive at the Dutton wagon camp while James, played by Tim McGraw, is away. They start trouble.

Claire yells “Be gone!” but the bandits just laugh. Well, Claire is (or was) sister to Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill). They were really different. See, Claire is (or was) a cynical, hateful nature. She starts throwing big rocks at the bandits.

Well, it leads to a gunfight and it’s a slaughter. The armed men are elsewhere and Mary Abel gets caught in the gunfire. Her defenseless family and surrounding immigrants take for cover and she’s shot dead. Mary Abel dies in Claire’s arms. That sends Claire over the edge.

She already is a widow and a survivor of seven children. But she’s lost everything through her last surviving child’s death. What does she do? Commit suicide at Mary Abel’s grave. Margaret tries talking Claire out of her despair but it did not work. James did the same but knew what was coming. He brings a shovel just in case and arrives right as Claire makes her decision.