‘1883’: Did Paramount+ Just Subtly Reveal ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel’s Season 2 Renewal Fate?

by Shelby Scott

“1883’s” latest episode aired Sunday, taking the show in a new direction following the death of the cowboy, Ennis. Now, we’ve familiarized ourselves with the characters, environment, and storyline of “1883 overall. That said, we’ve begun to wonder about the series’ future and whether we’ll see it renewed for season two.

According to CarterMatt, “1883” quickly became Paramount Plus‘s most popular series ever. Therefore, it would make sense for the Taylor Sheridan-produced series to see a second season on the prominent streaming network.

However, after Paramount Plus representatives hosted an event at the TCA Winter Press Tour, Outsiders were surprised “1883” season two did not receive mention. It left us concerned about whether we’ll be able to follow the Duttons as they travel across the American Midwest.

Nevertheless, CarterMatt assures us we likely have no reason to worry. “1883” remains the top series on the streaming network. As such, it doesn’t make sense for representatives to simply end the show.

Instead, the outlet provided more logical reasoning as to why we haven’t heard any new news yet. What’s more likely is that showrunners plan to announce new seasons of “Yellowstone” and its prequel at the same time. After all, “Yellowstone” hasn’t received an official renewal yet for season five either. However, fans are confident we’ll see the Duttons return later in 2022. Hopefully, we can expect the same for James, Elsa, and the rest of the “1883” crew.

‘1883’ Fans Can Expect a ‘Whole Taylor Sheridan Universe’

For now, we anxiously await the debut of “1883’s” seventh episode. Meanwhile, the potential for a second season has us wondering about the fate of the Duttons as they continue West. Clearly, their trek across the Great Plains isn’t easy. The fact is especially true as the immigrant caravan has everyone moving more slowly than James, Shea, or even Thomas would like.

Further, Shea is conflicted about the state of the immigrants as so many have already died. His most recent internal battle comes as he needs to decide whether they ferry the immigrants across Doan’s Crossing on horseback or force them to drive their wagons on their own. The second option likely will result in the deaths of even more of their group.

Nevertheless, their long journey promises an even longer future for the hit series. However, along with that, Paramount Plus executives hinted that fans can expect to eventually see a “whole Taylor Sheridan universe.” This means fans of the two series can look forward to stories outside the post-Civil War era of “1883.”

In speaking with Variety, the platform’s president for original scripted series, Nicole Clemens, shared her comment regarding the growing Taylor Sheridan universe. Immediately after, Tanya Giles, the streaming network’s chief programming officer said, “The journey west is a long one, there’s lots of stories to tell.”

And as “1883” fans know Shea and Thomas are struggling to beat the onslaught of winter, fans should expect a handful of all-new plotlines sure to lie outside the current season.