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‘1883’: Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot a Modern Product in One Scene

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

While 1883 prides itself on the historical accuracy it tries to stay true to, there are mistakes. One fan with a good eye noticed one.

From the clothes to the wagons to the guns and more. All of that is done to make it as historically accurate as it possibly can be. However, there are times when things don’t get caught in editing. Of course, when it comes to noticing things like a misplaced modern-day object in a scene, fans will notice anything. No matter how small.

Take this Reddit post for instance. User Cwiltshire69 took to the 1883 subreddit and posted a picture showing a minor mistake. During Episode 4, The Crossing, there are all kinds of scenes with the wagons. They cross the Brazos River after all in that episode. During one scene it looks like someone forgot their Nestle water bottle.

Of course, the show is shot out in the great outdoors, so folks are going to need to hydrate. But you gotta get those small errors. Thankfully, this wasn’t too obvious, but still, it is worth having a laugh at.

“A break in the space-time continuum,” u/DangerFlyingForks replied. “Doc Brown warned us of the consequences.” Points for the Back to the Future reference.

One user who was in the show herself with her kids, Shanna Toft, replied to the post. She was an extra as one of the Russian immigrants. “They were SO on everyone about that, too! We had to [hide] them really well or throw them away before each take!”

1883 has been a great show up to this point. The first half of the season has set up a great story for the back half. While Taylor Sheridan and Paramount+ have gone to great lengths on the production, sometimes, mistakes happen.

‘1883’ Star Loved His Time On The Show

This show had a very vast and talented cast that has made fans fall in love with them. The Dutton family, Shea and Thomas, Ennis and Wade, Josef and Alina, and so many more. All of them are well cast and have given great performances up to this point in the season. Eric Nelsen loved his time on the show.

“Honestly,” Nelsen admitted in an interview. “I’d like to stay in the Sheridan universe forever! You know, anything is possible. Now, I’m in y’all’s boat, just kind of waiting things out from here and seeing how things unfold. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of time.”

Unfortunately for Ennis, Elsa Dutton, and the fans, the cowboy’s time on 1883 was short-lived. After falling in love with Elsa and really turning the corner as a young man into a full-grown adult, his life was ended shortly by a group of bandits.