‘1883’ Star Eric Nelsen Says He Did Whatever He Needed To Get the Role

by Anna Dunn

1883 star Eric Nelsen recently discussed how he got the role. In short? He did whatever he needed. The actor played a young cowboy named Ennis in the hit Taylor Sheridan series, which debuted on Paramount + in December. The show already released an entire first season, which serves well as a stand-alone.

When he learned about the part, and that he had a chance at this role. Nelsen, who is a huge fan of acclaimed writer Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone, was ecstatic. In fact, it was Yellowstone that helped him and his family get through the pandemic.

“First and foremost, my entire family and I were huge fans of Yellowstone. During the pandemic, my whole family caught up and watched it from A to Z,” Nelsen told Cowboys and Indians in a recent interview. Needless to say, the actor was very determined to get that role. The part showed up on his desk, and the moment he pieced together it was a Yellowstone prequel, he knew he wanted to.

“When this came across my desk and I saw Taylor’s name on it — it didn’t necessarily give away that it was the prequel to Yellowstone, but it did say it was Taylor’s project. And it was 1883, so I knew it was a western. So right then I was hooked,” he explained. But he soon pieced together that not only was this a Taylor Sheridan project, but it was, in fact, a prequel to the show he and his family loved so much.

‘1883’ Actor Eric Nelsen Really Didn’t Want to Mess this One Up

“I knew that I had to do whatever I had to do to get this job because I just loved his work so much. And then it didn’t take me long to piece together that it was the prequel to Yellowstone. And then that added a whole other element of, “Oh my gosh, please don’t mess this up for yourself,” he said.

Nelsen didn’t mess up because he got the part. It’s not one of the starring roles, but he is definitely impressed in the role of Ennis. Nelsen’s previous credits include The Affair, Nightmare Cinema, and A Walk Among the Tombstones.

If you want to catch Nelsen on 1883, you can stream the entire first season on Paramount+. While the show will be releasing additional episodes (but not a second season), it feels like a very finished piece. So if you don’t like waiting for a second season, you won’t have to with this one.

Hopefully, whatever Nelsen gets up to next, it’ll be as rewarding as his time on 1883.