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‘1883’ Star Eric Nelsen Was ‘in Awe’ of His Surroundings While Filming

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Yellowstone and 1883 stars often comment on how beautiful their surroundings are while filming. Eric Nelsen is no different – the actor loves filming outside. “I film pretty much every scene outside, on horseback because the Texas landscape is such a central character in our show,” he said. “And oftentimes on set, I find myself just in awe of my surroundings.”

The 1883 actor spoke to Town & Country about his character on the show, what filming was like, and more. Of course, when you’re asked about what filming is like on the set of a Taylor Sheridan show, how could you not start gushing over the scenery?

Eric Nelsen shared photos with the outlet of his life on set. For him, one picture summed up his experience perfectly: a photo of the landscape in front of him. There’s a solar flare overlaying the serene picture. In addition, there are cows scattered around him.

“It was just like day after day, the most beautiful scenery—and sometimes, I was lucky enough to have a phone nearby where I could capture it,” Eric Nelsen told Town & Country. Every day felt like I was living in a movie with how beautiful our surroundings were, and the livestock, and the animals, the nature. It all just came together. My pictures don’t even do it justice.”

Eric Nelsen Talks About Moving Moments During Filming ‘1883’

The scenery isn’t the only part of the Yellowstone prequel that Nelsen finds captivating. He’s been brought to tears during filming a few times. Whilst talking to Taste of Country’s Dutton Rules podcast, Nelsen mentioned one scene in particular that stole his heart.

The scene is the one where Elsa is playing the piano after the big river crossing. She’s playing on the piano left behind by the immigrants, and Nelsen said that it made him emotional every time. The combination of the music, the river, and the scene just became overwhelming for the actor.

“So to have experienced sitting at this piano and having this beautiful, soft, tender moment before so much craziness is about to come up, was very emotional for me,” Nelsen said on the podcast. “And 9 out of 10 takes I was bawling at the end because I couldn’t help it. Just watching her emotions playing these keys and thinking about what’s to come for these characters. It was so hard for me not to cry.” Overall, the show is clearly a source of emotions for Nelsen. Between the natural landscapes that the actors film in and the scenes themselves, it’s easy to get emotionally carried away with the show.