‘1883’: Everything We Know About Elsa, The Newest Dutton

by Jon D. B.

There’s a new Dutton daughter in town. Yellowstone prequel 1883 is set to expand the Dutton family considerably, with Isabel May giving life to Elsa Dutton. Here’s everything we know about her so far.

Within August’s monumental 1883 reveals, we’ve learned that Taylor Sheridan is adding Young Sheldon star Isabel May to the historical prequel’s cast as Elsa Dutton. Speaking at length about the project, 1883’s Executive Producer David Glasser revealed that Elsa is the eldest daughter of Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s James and Margaret Dutton.

Fans will need to make room for another Dutton daughter in their heart. But there’s no harder act to follow than Beth Dutton’s Kelly Reilly, who’s become Yellowstone‘s undeniable fan favorite. Isabel May, though, seems more than up to the task.

According to EP Glasser, however, Elsa is to be an entirely different type of character from Beth. Using the word “innocent” to describe her, Glasser tells Deadline that May’s Elsa will serve as a perspective-giving character as the Duttons struggle within the Westward Expansion. The EP also notes that the Dutton’s journey will begin in Texas – or at least a part of it will. Previous reports had 1883‘s Dutton family escaping poverty on the east coast, but with Glasser’s context, Elsa may end up being a native Texan.

Through Elsa’s Eyes: The Unforgiving World of ‘1883’

Elsa and her parents will travel via wagon train caravan into the unforgiving, 19th century Wild West. She, along with her mother Margaret (Faith Hill), and father James (Tim McGraw), will chase the American dream as part of the historic Westward Expansion. Their hopes for a better life lie in Montana, where we know the Duttons eventually settle down. Elsa is set to play an integral part in this story, for sure.

In fact, EP Glasser says that “The core of the story is always family, and you see the innocent perspective of the daughter Elsa, and through Faith’s eyes, and through the eyes of the father, played by Tim, and this incredible character Shea, played by Sam Elliott.”

Western icon Elliott will play a Pinkerton agent who takes up with Elsa and the family’s caravan. We’re set to see the time of 1883 in its full glory, too. Glasser adds that Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan “is shooting this with 30 wagon trains, going across America… The Duttons travel with other families, and pick up other groups along the way. It’s like a moving city.”

Elsa is in for some trouble through 1883, to be sure.

“What’s beautiful about the story is, it’s a time we’ve forgotten, what a family would do to find a place to settle, and the risks and trials and tribulations of what people went through,” the EP continues. “These are real struggles, about people dying along the way, in search of a better future for their families.”

We can’t wait to meet Elsa Dutton when 1883 hits Paramount Network and Paramount+ this fall (Dec. 19).