‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Calls the Show’s Writing ‘Really Amazing’

by Lauren Boisvert

We know all about the scale of “1883”‘s production, but what about the scale of its writing? Have we really given the writing enough credit?

Well, Faith Hill says it best in a behind-the-scenes video of “1883” posted on the show’s Twitter. “The writing is just really amazing,” she says. “We knew that it was going to be authentic to the time.” True, and true. Taylor Sheridan says that he wrote “1883” like a novel, and then just filmed the novel; and it really does feel like that. Each episode so far is one continuous piece of a story, one chapter in the larger narrative.

Hill continues, “It’s rare to have the kind of story that we have been handed.” Essentially, the script is like the bones of the narrative, and then you build the body around the bones with production, sets design, costuming. That all has to come together successfully with the story at the center for the show to work. And, so far, it seems to be doing just that.

‘1883 Star Faith Hill Stopped Riding Horses After Accident

Even though she rides a ton of horses on “1883” – and does it like a natural – there was a time when Faith Hill stopped riding altogether. She attributes that to a terrifying incident she had with a horse in 2001. In conversation with Taste of Country, Hill confessed that she didn’t know she had been riding wrong at the time 20 years ago.

Apparently, you’re not supposed to ride a horse near a barn. If a horse is barn sour, that means it doesn’t take kindly to leaving its comfort area, the barn, and will get excited when returning. This can result in a horse galloping towards the barn with a rider not used to handing a horse at such speeds. That’s what happened to Faith Hill in 2001.

“Well, I didn’t know that, and I just let my horse Bandit just like — for almost half a mile — fly to the barn,” Hill told Taste of Country. “It was terrifying … after that moment I said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna stay off horses for awhile.’”

Seems she’s gotten back in the saddle, as she’s since followed her husband, Tim McGraw, on a horseback trail ride for father’s day, not to mention all the riding she does for “1883”. She most likely benefitted from Taylor Sheridan’s Cowboy Camp before shooting; that was where Sheridan let all the cast members learn how to rope, shoot, and, especially, ride.

While there, it’s possible that Faith Hill learned the correct way to ride, and felt more confident on horseback. She certainly looks the part on “1883.”