‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Discusses Her Traumatizing Horse Accident

by Matthew Memrick

It took a while for “1883” star and country singer Faith Hill to get back in the horse saddle after a traumatizing 2001 incident.

But she looks like a natural now.

Before the show started, Hill and her co-stars took part in creator Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy camp. There they learned how to ride in a way proper to the late 19th century. She said her camp time felt “natural” even though she f

Hill told Taste of Country and other media that she realized she had been riding wrong her entire life, or, at least, the time she did ride 20 years ago.

She’s eased her way back into riding. In June 2020, she posed with her husband, Tim McGraw, for an Instagram photo where the two were riding. McGraw called it a “Great way to spend Father’s Day!!!”

Hill Stopped After Barn Incident

Faith Hill’s cowgirl era came to a sudden halt right when her third daughter Audrey was born in 2001. But it had nothing to do with giving birth.

She told Taste of Country that she didn’t know that you never run your horse near the barn. Hill called herself a casual rider, but she said she was not as knowledgable about riding that fast as she should’ve been.

“Well, I didn’t know that, and I just let my horse Bandit just like — for almost half a mile — fly to the barn,” Hill said. “It was terrifying … after that moment I said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna stay off horses for awhile.'”

In a strange coincidence, husband Tim McGraw stayed off horses around the same time. But he chalked it up to not having enough time. The star was busy with music, acting, and family. But he said horse riding came easy after all the time he spent riding in growing up.

In 2006, McGraw even starred in a horse film, according to IMDb. In “Flicka,” he stars as a father to Katy. The daughter claims a wild horse and looks to prove to her father she can take over the family horse ranch.  

Why Don’t Riders Ride Near The Barn?

For horses, it’s all about being comfortable when riding. It’s not that horses don’t like people riding on them. They tolerate it.

But when it comes to a comfort zone, riders like Faith Hill know that being near the barn is essential for their horse.

According to Equimed, some horses can get barn sour. That means they don’t want to leave home and resist leaving their comfort area. Sometimes they can get too excited when getting close to home, which can lead to unsafe riding at fast speeds. 

Sometimes, show horses can have an issue entering a show ring. Ring sour horses either refuse to get in the ring or have issues in rings altogether.