‘1883’: Faith Hill Explains Why the Show Is the Hardest Thing She and Tim McGraw Have Done

by Thad Mitchell

Country music superstar and “1883” actress Faith Hill joined CBS Mornings earlier today to discuss the key to the show’s success.

Faith Hill says taking on the role of Margaret Dutton in “1883” is “physically, the hardest thing” she’s ever done.

Many eyebrows went up last year when Hill and her husband, fellow country star Tim McGraw, landed the “1883” lead roles. They play James and Margaret Dutton, ancestors of current “Yellowstone” Ranch owner John Dutton. The “Yellowstone” sequel has been a huge success, due in part to the extraordinary work of the music industry power couple. But their “1883” journey has been anything but easy on the country stars as it has taken tons of hard work. In the interview, Hill doesn’t hold back, proclaiming working on the series is the hardest thing that she and her husband have done.

“It is physically the hardest thing we’ve done,” she says. “For Tim to say that, and those of you that know Tim, my husband, he is physically in shape. He can handle everything.”

But it was more than just a physical challenge for the couple. Hill admits that playing Margaret Dutton in “1883” is mentally taxing as well. She says playing a character living in a time period from over a century ago was a great challenge.

“To be real and authentic in that time period (was challenging),” she says. “Taylor Sheridan really wanted us to dive in and just be it — live it. And we did.”

The work of Hill and McGraw has certainly not gone unnoticed. “1883” has been a huge hit among “Yellowstone” fans and also western-lovers. The series takes us back in time to show how the Dutton family came to settle in Montana and establish the cattle ranching empire we know as “Yellowstone.”

‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Talks Starring Alongside Husband

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have dominated the country music scene for quite some time. Taking on “1883” was a new challenge that they both embraced. While neither had much in the way of acting experience, McGraw had more than Hill before the “Yellowstone” prequel. Hill says the couple had to set down a few ground rules before diving into production.

“One thing that we did decide right away before we began filming, we decided not to work lines together,” Hill reveals. “Not to work our scenes together. We wanted that process to wait and allow it to show up naturally on set. After being married for 25 years we just wanted…to be Margaret and James. That really has been the difference because touring and other things we’ve done in the past together, obviously there’s a lot of prep that goes into that together but this time we’ve chosen to do it separately until it’s actually happening.”

It’s a decision that’s paid off as both country stars look completely natural in their “1883” roles.