‘1883’s Faith Hill Looks Back at Her Time as Margaret Dutton in ‘Masterpiece’ ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel

by Alex Falls
Mike Marsland / Contributor / Getty

Faith Hill is best known for being one of the biggest female names in the history of country music. She’s won numerous awards during her career for her many hit songs. But Hill also recently took the world of TV by storm by starring in the Yellowstone prequel 1883 from Taylor Sheridan.

Not only did she get to prove to the world she’s got acting chops, but she also got to star alongside her husband and fellow country music star Tim McGraw. Hill recently opened up about the experience of starring in the acclaimed show.

“We get a call that [Taylor Sherridan] wants to write a prequel to Yellowstone called 1883. Would we be interested in playing James and Margaret Dutton? And we were like, ‘what is happening right now?'” Hill said. “We are 54 years old, and we’ve had incredible careers, our children are out of the house, and this masterpiece of a script falls in our lap out of nowhere.”

Faith Hill on the Challenges of Creating an Authentic Show

The couple of country royalty took on the challenge of creating the origins of the Dutton family legacy. But traveling back in time to accurately capture the period proved to be a difficult shoot.

“What was important for Taylor is that everything that we did was so authentic, so it was important for us to learn how to ride [a horse] properly. So, we learned how to do that. I went through what he classifies as cowboy camp,” Hill said. “It’s so much fun, but it’s hard work. It’s real. I have so much respect for true cowboys and what they do and wranglers. It’s a tough, hard job. It was so much fun. It was a grueling shoot, I will say, for all of us.”

The days were long and filled with work. So the normally healthy and hard-working Hill had to find time for self-care. She did this by “trying to eat properly, trying to get exercise in when you could. Although sometimes the days would be so long and there was so much activity going on in a scene, that would be the exercise. But, we also cut loose and had a great time, had fun.”

1883 only ran for one season earlier this year before coming to a conclusion. But fans of Taylor Sheridan’s neo-western universe still have plenty to watch. 1883 is getting a sequel entitled 1883: The Bass Reeves Story. Later this year another prequel telling the evolution of the Duttons comes in the form of 1923 starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. And to top it all off, the original Yellowstone series is coming back for a fifth season. 1923 premieres in December while season five of Yellowstone begins November 13th.