‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Has ‘No Idea’ How Women Survived the Journey Wearing Corsets

by Quentin Blount

All of you 1883 fans are in for a treat. Faith Hill, who plays Margaret Dutton on the new show, made her first-ever appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Faith Hill made her way to The Late Show to celebrate the success of the new Paramount Plus series. 1883 follows in the footsteps of the Dutton family long before they ever gained control of the Yellowstone Ranch.

If you are late to the party on 1883, then you need to get caught up. Seriously, Outsiders — the prequel spin-off to Paramount Network’s Yellowstone is everything we wanted it to be and more. Oh, and there’s a good chance you’ll recognize two of the leading stars. That’s right, country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill star in 1883 as James Dutton and Margaret Dutton, respectively.

During her time on the show, she and Stephen Colbert talk about a number of different topics. If you have watched any of the first few episodes of 1883, one of the first things you probably noticed is how rough all of the characters look. There’s a reason for that — pioneer life was really rough back in the day. And creator Taylor Sheridan has vowed to make the show as authentic as he possibly can.

That was one of the first things Stephen Colbert asked Faith Hill about on The Late Show.

“For instance, just even the wardrobe, that’s a lot of wool,” Colbert pointed out. “And it’s hot and long and scratchy. What is it like to have to be decked out, out in the heat all the time?”

‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Jokes Men Should Have to Wear a Corset

Faith Hill answered Colbert’s question with a hilarious comeback. She believes that at some point all men should have to wear a corset just like women of the old days had to.

“Well, I do believe, and I do feel strongly about this, that a man should have to wear a corset,” Hill joked. “Because that’s what we had to wear.”

You may recall that back in the day, corsets were worn by women not only to make them look beautiful but also to ensure that they always looked modest.

“The corsets, I have no idea how they survived with the wardrobe,” Hill admitted. She also made sure to note that the women in 1883 aren’t just slipping them on and calling it a day. They have to get fully laced up and tightened in.

“Yes, absolutely,” Hill replied. “It was painful. And I still have ribs, they are still floating around somewhere in my body. Some are missing in action but that’s okay. It’s all for the art of it all.”

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