‘1883’: Faith Hill Recalls ‘Devastating’ Moment Filming Heartbreaking Episode 2 Scene

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ (C) 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.)

There were some tough scenes for Faith Hill in 1883 that took both viewers and the actress to the edge. She would recall one of them. Hill calls it “devastating.” We will let the country music star tell us which scene in Episode 2 of 1883 is the one that she’s talking about. But we can surmise that it might be about bandits that don’t play games.

‘1883’ Actress Faith Hill Recalls Being In Scene Where Bandits Attacked

“Our camp is attacked by bandits,” Hill, who played Margaret Dutton, said. “It’s devastating. It was hard for all of us to make it through that scene because it was really physical. Mary Abel gets shot and she gets killed and she dies. And it was just gut-wrenching and just rips your heart out.”

Yes, there was that scene in 1883 but that episode also had another shocking, tough scene. Ironically, Hill’s husband Tim McGraw, who played James Dutton, was in it. Do you have an idea what it is? It involves Claire.

Margaret’s sister Claire was played by Dawn Olivieri and dies in Episode 2. Hill recalled being friendly with Olivieri on the show. “I became very close to Dawn Olivieri, the actor who played [Claire],” Hill told Variety. “I can’t even talk about that without crying. That was so, so devastating to me.”

Mary Abel’s Mother Commits Suicide In Another Gut-Wrenching Scene

Now, why was it so devastating, a word she used about the earlier bandits scene? Hill said Claire’s death marked the first time that Margaret started to “split” from herself

“And even though I knew it was coming,” Hill said, “it still played out in a way that was just tragic, but real at the same time.” Claire killed herself after Mary Abel died. Prior to Mary Abel’s death, Claire lost seven children plus her husband.

See, Claire lived for that child. After Mary Abel’s death, Claire believes she has “nothing left to live for.” She’s telling James to leave her behind. But he senses something is wrong. Claire goes into the water and kills herself.

It seems that Hill needed to lean back on the strength of someone in her life to play Margaret. She fondly recalls her own mother as one of the strongest persons she’s known.

“She reminds me of my mom,” Hill said of Margaret. “I was adopted and she was one of the strongest women I ever have encountered in my life. She passed on a few years ago, but her strength was just — nothing compares to it. She was really, really smart and worked three jobs.”