‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Reveals What She Likes About Margaret Dutton

by Shelby Scott

Paramount Plus debuted Taylor Sheridan’s series “1883” right before the New Year and it continues to see high praise. Additionally, Faith Hill’s Maragaret Dutton has done a phenomenal job of snagging the hearts of Outsiders everywhere. The character successfully embodies what it means to be a woman during the post-Civil War era of the 19th century and combines that with the spirit of an independent American cowgirl. For now, we anxiously await another brand new episode of “1883.” In the meantime, Faith Hill has revealed what she likes about Mrs. Maragaret Dutton.

Hill shared with CBS Mornings that what truly makes Margaret Dutton so likable is her strength. “She’s strong,” Hill emphasized. “But she’s also dealing with a lot of things as many people and women did during that time.”

Hill specifically spoke to the dynamics between her character versus that of Tim McGraw’s James Dutton. She also touched on the difficult relationship between Margaret and actress Isabel May‘s Elsa.

“My husband is a dreamer,” the “1883” actress said in reference to her onscreen partner. “And I want to believe in him.”

However, the character also struggles with her children. As hardships and turmoil continue to present themselves during the journey, Margaret Dutton must trust what their father is doing. Even if the reality of it is harsh sometimes.

Overall, Margaret Dutton is forced to balance the responsibilities of mother, wife, cowgirl, and more. Facing that challenge head-on as an actress, we think the country singer adapts that dynamic in a way that is convincing and engaging.

‘1883’ Gears Up for More Action-Packed Episodes

Serving as the prequel to the hard-hitting “Yellowstone” series, it makes sense Taylor Sheridan’s “1883” would eventually see more action. Now, following episode six, fans should start to see more gunfights, tension, and blood. And “1883” actor LaMonica Garrett, tasked with the role of Thomas, reveals that more explosive episodes are on the way.

In speaking with TV Insider, Garrett explained, “The first five episodes were setting up the world, setting up the characters, setting up the environment. Most of that was preparing for the journey, but now we’re smack dab in the journey, [which is] where the action turns up.”

Outsiders got a little taste of that action during “1883’s” fifth episode. Fans will recall that’s when we saw Elsa’s blossoming romantic partnership rapidly come to an end. The episode concluded as our caravan fought off a group of bandits. Fortunately, most of our protagonists survived the shootout, save for Ennis, Elsa’s wildly flirtatious though equally professional cowboy.

During Garrett’s interview, we learn that as the caravan approaches the next river crossing, “it’s gonna be a faster-paced show than we’ve seen.”

So, while many of us have enjoyed the slowly unfolding storylines and character developments, Outsiders should prepare to soldier on as things only become more intense from here.