‘1883’: Faith Hill Says Taylor Sheridan Is ‘One of the Greatest Writers of Our Time’

by Caitlin Berard

With the first Yellowstone prequel, 1883, behind us, fans are anxious to learn more about their beloved shows and the actors and production crew who brought it to life. As the stars of 1883 are just as passionate about the show as its fans, they’re more than happy to oblige. In a recent interview with Reel School, Faith Hill opened up about her time with director and writer of 1883, Taylor Sheridan.

The award-winning country star and actress spoke of her former boss in glowing terms. “One of the greatest writers of our time,” Hill explained. “He’s a young man, he is one of the most prolific writers, honestly, of our time.”

She went on to describe how impressed she and the rest of the cast were by the poetic script. “The fact that he can write from [Elsa’s] perspective… The story is told from Elsa [Dutton]’s view, honestly. And the words, and as poetic as he has written this character, it’s hard to imagine that it actually came from a man. No disrespect to Taylor, but truly, some of the writing and some of the ways that things are described is remarkable.”

“He’s an incredible director, he’s very specific and precise about what he wants,” Hill says with reverence. “And he doesn’t beat around the bush, which makes it a lot easier. He doesn’t waste time. I feel honored, [because] he’s tough. He’s a tough guy, but he’s damn good at what he does. He’s one of the best for sure.”

Taylor Sheridan Warned Faith Hill, Other ‘1883’ Stars That They Would Hate Him

The stars of 1883 have gone on record to say how brutal it was to film in the Montana wilderness, as well as how demanding Taylor Sheridan is of his crew. However, not a single one has spoken of the show or its director in a negative way. On the contrary, each 1883 actor and crew member seems to have nothing but respect for the show and the mind behind it.

This might be an unexpected outcome for Taylor Sheridan, who warned his cast before filming began that they would hate him before the end of the series. “[Sheridan] told me in the beginning when we first started this thing and he was trying to convince me to do it, he says, ‘You’re gonna hate me at the end of this f–kin’ thing,” says 1883 star Sam Elliott.

Well, despite Taylor Sheridan‘s commitment to perfection, his cast’s feelings toward him couldn’t be further from hate. And since no one has denied that he’s a tough director to work with, the admiration for the award-winning director is a true testament to his undeniable talent.