‘1883’ Stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw ‘Didn’t Question’ Doing the Show

by Courtney Blackann

While Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have established careers in country music, some people may wonder why the husband and wife team decided to dive head in to “1883.” But Faith Hill says that both she and Tim never once questioned the Taylor Sheridan project. Since they read the scripts, the two were on board.

In an appearance on CBS Mornings, the “1883” actress and country singer explained that once they read the story of Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” spinoff, they were hooked.

“We didn’t ever question doing it after we read the script because it was so remarkable – is so remarkable. There was just the fact that we had the time to do it which is also rare that we’re both available. The stars lined up and it was just a chance, an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up,” Hill said in the interview.

And as fans, we’re glad they didn’t pass it up. Tim McGraw as the original Dutton patriarch James is a phenomenal leader. McGraw commands the character and his presence is calming, yet powerful. And Faith Hill as his stoic, determined and trusting wife Margaret is surprisingly moving – and it’s only surprising because Hill hasn’t done a lot of acting prior to this. But she shines in her role.

“1883” and Taylor Sheridan’s Ideas for Series

The 19th century western features a family looking to head west from Texas. Lead by James, they trust in each other and follow along with another group of pioneers – lead by Capt. Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott).

In it’s six episodes, we’ve come to know and love the characters that Taylor Sheridan wrote so well. And Tim McGraw has been outspoken about his praise for how Sheridan approaches life on the frontier. In particular, he loves that Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) represents this sort of innocence in an otherwise brutal world of tragedy.

“I think James looks at his daughter as just hope for redemption,” McGraw said. “For all the things that he’s had to live through. And Isabel May who plays my daughter, Elsa, just brings such a light and a spark and a hope to this whole process. And the thing I like about this, it’s not romanticized. There is a romanticism to it because [of] the west itself and the journey. There’s a romantic sort of version of that. But what Taylor has written is the struggle and the hardship. [He’s] taken sort of the veneer off of this journey.”

New episodes of “1883” air on Sundays on Paramount+. The show briefly took a two week break but returned January 30. And while we can’t wait for more of the Dutton’s story to unfold, we love hearing from the actors about their characters and experiences along the way.