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‘1883’ Fans Compare Show to Other Western Greats Like ‘Deadwood’

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic)

Following its December debut, “1883” is getting rave reviews by critics and fans alike. Reviving the western genre is at its best with Taylor Sheridan’s latest creation. Some argue that the prequel is even more thrilling than “Yellowstone.” However, any way you break it down, the show is a hit. And some fans are comparing it to other gritty western shows like “Deadwood.”

While “Deadwood,” starring Timothy Olyphant only ran for three seasons with 36 episodes, it made a huge impact on western-style dramas. Similarly to “1883,” it was also set in the 19th century and had a gritty realness to it.

In a thread on Reddit, some fans are comparing the two, saying “1883” will be the next great western series.

“So glad that Y:1883 is getting the recognition it deserves, but do you agree that it’s the new prestige western series of our time, akin to Deadwood, Hell on Wheels etc?” the original poster asks.

Several responded, concluding that “1883” is no doubt headed for major success.

One person shares that, “I do like it but I would enjoy a bit of humor. Most prestige shows include the full range of emotions. Also humor balances out the tension. Deadwood has a lot of humor. BB a prestige show had lots of humor. I do love the show but this is just my thoughts that would make it more enjoyable for me.”

Yet another person debates whether “1883” is a ‘prestige western’ series.

“I don’t think it’s a prestige western series. I think it’s a show about pioneers and how this country was settled,” the user wrote.

And while HBO’s “Deadwood” was canceled before fans were ready for it, it still made waves as one of the recent well-done western dramas. Likewise, when “1883” debuted, it brought record viewership with it. Taylor Sheridan’s latest creation has an all-star cast as well. Real-life husband and wife duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill lead the way alongside Sam Elliott, Lamonica Garrett and newcomer Isabel May.

Isabel May on Her Character in ‘1883’

While McGraw and Elliott may have cast shadows over the lesser-known “1883” actors early on, Isabel May and Faith Hill are both holding their own amid the talent. Further, Lamonica Garrett as Thomas is another actor we can’t leave out. His performance is truly fantastic.

May often narrates the scenes as they unfold playing her character Elsa Dutton. She brings the audience into the lives of the Dutton family through her perspective. And May says she really connects well with her character.

“I think Elsa is someone that can’t be dishonest,” the actress said. “She is this pure… in the beginning naive… The way that she views the world, she’s so alive. And she appreciates everything so much, to such a degree.”

She goes on to add that:

“I think a young woman at that time, that age, is just a perspective we’ve never seen in a Western,” May explained. “So, it makes it all the more interesting when she’s just so in love with her surroundings. And then the backdrop to that is how difficult that experience was. So it’s this interesting contrast between the beauty of the world that she sees. And the hardship, the reality of it. I think that brings the series to life in a unique way.”