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‘1883’ Fans Frustrated Episode 4 Isn’t Available on Paramount Yet

by Amy Myers
Photo Cr: Sarah Coulter/Paramount+ © 2021 CBS Interactive . All Rights Reserved.

Episode 3 of 1883 should have appeared on Paramount+ last Sunday, but it seems the streaming app has left fans high and dry until next week. In place of the new episode, Paramount+ instead released a behind-the-scenes feature, “The Road West,” which, while fascinating, was not what watchers wanted to see.

Neither the streaming service nor the show has offered any explanation for the lapse in scheduling, and instead, 1883 posted a clip from Episode 1 on Instagram in which Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott) had a chat with James Dutton (Tim McGraw). In it, Brennan tells Dutton, “You don’t strike me as a man who travels without a plan.”

Dutton answers, “I gotta plan.”

Not surprisingly, many 1883 fans took the opportunity to voice their frustrations regarding the delay for Episode 4 in the comments of the post.

“Whys there no episode 4 up yet on paramount plus?” one fan questioned, as many others did.

 Another 1883 fanatic offered a potential explanation for the delay, stating, “I heard they skipped episode 4 that Sunday so Yellowstone’s season finale would be people’s main focus I don’t get it but that’s what I heard should be out this sunday.”

Whether or not this explanation actually holds any water, 1883 fans still aren’t accepting it. Several agreed that they “Would have watched both anyways,” regardless of the Yellowstone finale.

One person even played off of the dialogue in the clip with their comment: “the plan should be 2 post the next episode.”

Another pointed out just how popular 1883 has become, so Paramount+ should have kept its promise to deliver the latest episode.

“You have a huge hit. You would think you could figure out a schedule,” the fan wrote.

What Happened in ‘1883’ Episode 3 ‘River’?

There is, at least, a silver lining for fans that haven’t yet caught up on the latest developments in 1883. They now have an extra week to catch up on the first three episodes before Paramount+ (hopefully) releases Episode 4 on Sunday, January 9.

For those that need a refresher on Episode 3, here’s the latest in the 1883 universe:

We find out that the land that stretches before our heroic travelers is much like a battlefield – merciless and unrelenting. A montage ensues, showing the tragic deaths that have happened so far on their westward journey, claiming one little girl from a rattlesnake bite and a group caught in a collapsing wagon.

Then they reach the true danger – a river.

Meanwhile, we meet a widowed woman named Noemi who requires the help of Shea Brennan and Thomas to keep her two young boys fed. Elsa finds herself fancying a rugged cowboy with a sense of humor, and James takes 5-year-old John on his first hunting trip.

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