‘1883’: Fans Go Nuts Over Sam Elliott’s Character Giving Wild West Survival Tips

by Amy Myers

When the news dropped that Sam Elliott would be joining the already legendary 1883 cast, fans couldn’t wait to see one of the nation’s original cowboys return to the western frontier scene. And once the season premiere hit screens, he didn’t disappoint.

Within that first episode, we saw just how powerful an actor Elliott is. From losing his family to smallpox to contemplating suicide to carrying on with his partner in hopes of a new purpose, Elliott’s character, Shea Brennan, has quickly become one of the fan-favorites of 1883.

And this scene, in particular, sealed the deal.

Once Brennan’s partner, Thomas (LaMonica Garrett) convinced him to put down the gun, they headed to town and found a group of German emigrants who needed assistance across the unforgiving terrain. Naturally, the western expert needed to give a few essential survival lessons with the help of a translator to ensure as few injuries and emergencies as possible.

The first lesson: beware of rattlesnakes. The second: don’t touch poison ivy or poison oak, and the third: don’t drink the groundwater. Of course, it wouldn’t be a classic Sam Elliott scene without a touch of humor. After some discrepancy over the meaning of “water closet,” Garrett finally used a French synonym that the travelers could understand, sparking curiosity from Brennan. After some prodding, Brennan found out that Garrett had learned the word from a French female companion he once knew.

As soon as 1883 posted the clip to Instagram, fans raved about the iconic scene, applauding the actors and the writing for the show.

“This is so well done writing , acting and everything else that goes into making this production happen,” one fan gushed.

“This scene was so good because I never thought about how really unprepared these people were,” shared another.

A few stars of the show even joined in the conversation, including Garrett, who reiterated his character’s pronunciation of the French word, “Twa-Lette.”

‘1883’ Fans Couldn’t Bare to See Shea Brennan Cry

As much as fans enjoyed seeing Shea Brennan in his element while teaching the German emigrants, it was heartbreaking to see him cry in those first few moments. After losing his wife and daughter to disease, the 1883 character set his house ablaze and fell to pieces. Evidently, fans of the show collected on Twitter and did the same.

“#1883TV Sam Elliot crying breaks my heart,” one fan tweeted.

“This 1883 must be tough if it makes Sam Elliott cry,” another said. “I want to be Sam Elliott when I grow up, especially the mustache.”

“Mr Sam Elliott already making me cry too. #1883TV,” another 1883 fan concurred.