‘1883’ Fans Have a Great Point When it Comes To This Small Detail

by Quentin Blount

Fans of the Yellowstone spin-off 1883 have been loving every second of the new show. However, some fans on Reddit have an issue with one small detail.

If you haven’t heard yet, 1883 is the prequel to Yellowstone, Paramount Network’s hit show. Both are creations of popular screenwriter, director, and actor Taylor Sheridan. 1883, of course, takes a look back at the Dutton family before they ever owned Yellowstone Ranch. There’s no Kevin Costner, Cole Hauser, or Kelly Reilly, but that doesn’t mean they are short on star power. The new show features big names like Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and LaMonica Garrett.

Even though the show is supposed to take place in the year 1883, fans online are noticing one thing that doesn’t fit in — the straight, white smiles of the actors. One of those fans made a Reddit post asking if anyone else has noticed the same thing.

“Anyone else notice how everyone’s teeth in the show are white and straight?” the post reads. “Everyone’s filthy but looks like they just got back from the orthodontist.”

‘1883’ Fans Share Their Thoughts on Reddit Post

Let’s make no mistake about it — there are so many great things about 1883. There are currently only three episodes out right now in the first season but those three episodes have been awesome. And there is only more to come.

But this particular user on Reddit does make a solid point — you’d think that the people back then wouldn’t have the bright, shiny smiles that they do. After all, most of the characters look like they are covered in dirt from head to toe.

“I’ve noticed it,” one fan admitted. “But I also realize I’m watching entertainment and not a documentary. My rational mind knows that modern dentistry wasn’t practiced on the frontier in 1883.”

Another fan agreed with that statement.

“Good on you for having that mindset. That’s what I keep saying, if you want 100 percent accuracy, then go watch a documentary. They’d still probably find something they’d disagree with. Lol.”

A third user talked about how Hollywood is distorting how people looked in the past.

“It’s like saying Medieval people were dirty and wearing dirty rags but in reality medieval people loved colorful clothing and bathed regularly. Hollywood has twisted and distorted how people in the past looked.”

Meanwhile, another follower was simply annoyed at how often this topic gets discussed on the forum.

“I can’t honestly say I’ve noticed it while watching to the point where it broke my immersion,” they said. “About the only time I really notice it is every two or three days in this sub when someone posts about it here as if they discovered something that wasn’t discussed a couple of days ago.”