‘1883’ Fans Were Left Heartbroken By Colton’s Powerful Episode 9 Scene

by Shelby Scott

Episode nine of “1883” was heartwrenching all around. Most of our attention remained fixed on Elsa and her dealings with the Lakota tribe. However, another character sucker-punched us with his emotionally raw actions near the end of the episode.

Overall, the Lakota tribe massacred many of the immigrant caravan’s minor characters. Although, as we know, our forerunning crew remains very much alive, at least for now. That said, things do remain questionable in Elsa’s case. Regardless, one immigrant character that changed the course of cowboying for Elsa also suffers a tragic end.

“1883” fans well recall Alina, the immigrant woman who provided Elsa with her first pair of pants so long ago. Alina made her debut as a cool, level-headed individual. Sadly, our last glimpse of the character is her running wild across the field following the Lakota attack. Colton, Ennis’s replacement, arrives in search of survivors to find her screaming, comparing her to a rabid animal. Suffering major shock, Colton finds she had been shot through with arrows. Somehow still alive, her skull was also exposed after one of the warriors scalped her.

Briefly, he tries to get through to her but, as he tells Shea, she had literally gone mad with terror. In a quick decision, Colton ends her misery with a bullet.

“You deserve peace,” Colton tells the erratic woman, “and this ain’t it.”

Several scenes later, he’s clearly struggling with the decision, frantically scraping a grave for Alina with a single, small dish.

Shea approaches, telling Colton to stand by his decision, and helping him cope with what is and isn’t decent.

‘1883’ Unveils ‘Top Notch Acting’ For Episode Nine

Over on Reddit, fans praised the scene, many claiming it was the first great scene the character had starred in.

“I was gut-wrenched when he had to choose between letting that poor woman suffer any more than she had, and killing her himself,” wrote one “1883” fan. “The dialogue between Shea and Colton was perfect,” they added.

Another “1883” fan added, “this gave Colton so much depth. It was gutwrenching.” The same Reddit user shared their initial admiration for the character in regard to his frequent one-liners, providing comic relief among the caravan. However, with his desperate actions, digging a human grave with a metal dish, “1883” writers created a more influential and meaningful character, and it further heightened the intensity of the episode overall.

Another Redditor contributed to the discussion, “It showed such humanity in his character, which we hadn’t seen before.”

Others compared his monologue and conflicting emotions to Kayce over on “Yellowstone,” “down to the inflection in his voice.”

Altogether, contributors to the discussion felt Colton’s struggle on a deep, personal level. Several fans concluded that episode nine of “1883” saw “top notch acting” from everyone.