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‘1883’ Fans React To Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Steamy Bathtub Scene

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic)

Yellowstone‘s spinoff series 1883 premiered with back-to-back episodes tonight, and one scene between Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill had the internet buzzing.

Creator Taylor Sheridan hired the iconic country music couple to lead the new prequel to Yellowstone. The series is giving fans of Yellowstone a look back into the distant past to find out more about the history behind the Dutton Ranch. The land and ranch in Montana have already been converted for ranch use by the Dutton family. And the ancestors of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) face a whole different set of challenges in the 1800s to maintain what is theirs.

McGraw and Hill are portraying James and Margaret Dutton who have fleed poverty in Texas in search of a better life. The couple head north through the Great Plains as they make their way to Montana and eventually make it their home. 1883 will show the humble beginnings of the Dutton Ranch and how it came to be in the 19th century.

Yellowstone fans have already caught a small glimpse of 1883 earlier this season. The Paramount series aired a short teaser clip of 1883 that showed McGraw in action for the first time. Ever since, fans have been eagerly waiting for tonight’s debut episode.

Of course, when you have two superstars like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill involved, you’re going to have plenty of excitement for their characters. The famous couple is beloved by fans everywhere, and for more than just their musical or acting talent. Women love the cowboy hat-wearing Tim McGraw, and men love the blonde-haired Faith Hill. Take that into account and put the two together in a steamy bathtub scene in 1883, and the show had fans talking for sure tonight.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Send Fans Into a Frenzy On Twitter

As the first episode of 1883 premiered tonight, fans were enthralled with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sharing the television screen. However, one particular scene between the married couple seemed to get some fans a little too excited almost.

In one intimate scene between man and wife, James and Margaret Dutton make out while in the bathtub. Fans of the show ate it up, and took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the steamy scene.

Yet there were plenty of other hilarious reactions from 1883 fans after seeing a naked McGraw and Hill in the bathtub.


“This bath tub scene. Oh my. Yep. This is what I’m needing in my life,” an 1883 fan named Tori tweeted. “That might have been too much to say…my bad #1883TV.”

The Tim McGraw and Faith Hill connection is already winning over fans of the new Yellowstone prequel. It looks like creator Taylor Sheridan has another hit Paramount series on his hands once again.