‘1883’ Fans Have New Theory Connecting Show to ‘6666’

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

“Yellowstone” fans are all about connecting the dots, and “1883” fans are no different. There was a theory posed on Reddit recently attempting to connect “1883” to the Four-Sixes ranch in Texas.

“So I have this theory that Elsa falls in love with the cowboy she flirts with in Ep.3 and after her parents settle in Montana she goes back to Texas with him,” the question started. “They start a ranch together down there and this becomes the 6666 Ranch. Anyone think the same thing?”

Answers were mixed, with most of the replies unsure if there’s a connection or not. One commenter posed the idea that if the two did get married, they’d stay on the homestead with the Duttons. “That’s why it’s so big,” they wrote, “so the whole family, including spouses can move in and help on the ranch.”

Another reply reminded everyone that the Four-Sixes is a “real legacy ranch,” so the show probably couldn’t connect it to the Duttons that way. Otherwise, there would be some mention of the owners of the Four-Sixes being related to the Duttons.

Because the Four-Sixes is real, we can look up when it was founded to fact check if “1883” is going to connect it to the Duttons. One commenter did just that, and found that the ranch was founded in 1870. By the time the show takes place, the Four-Sixes has already begun. So, there are a few too many holes in this theory already for it to be viable. It was a fun one to think about either way.

‘1883’ Fans Wonder Why Duttons Didn’t Plan Ahead

“1883” is three episodes deep and fans are already picking out possible historical inaccuracies. There’s been some comments on Reddit about the fact that the Duttons didn’t really plan their trip West before leaving. Fans are wondering why.

“Watching the first three episodes of 1883–made me think of something. Shouldn’t everyone decide the route they are taking in advance before setting out?” the original post asked.

Fans in the comments replied that information and maps of the areas were scarce; the Duttons probably couldn’t plan that far ahead. “I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly,” one commenter started, “but the Duttons knew they wanted to head to the northwest, and wanted to find something worth buying along the way. They wouldn’t have had any knowledge of the states beyond secondhand information from others, so they really would have had to see it for themselves to make a decision.”

“The route back when was just a ‘do your best to follow a beaten path,’” wrote another fan. So, for the most part, the Duttons have to just follow the road and rely on word of mouth to let them know when to stop.