‘1883’ Fans Weren’t So Sure About One Relationship for Elsa

by Quentin Blount

Outsiders — we need your opinion on something related to 1883 — Elsa Dutton’s relationship with Sam. There are some fans who think it didn’t make sense.

In a post on Reddit titled, “Elsa and Sam – Didn’t Make Sense,” one fan lays out their reasoning behind why they felt the relationship was forced.

“In my opinion, I felt that Elsa and Sam was a forced relationship,” the post begins. “It felt rushed to go from not knowing each other to being married, whereas the Elsa and Ennis relationship, we actually saw that develop and grow.”

Elsa Dutton, of course, is a character played by Isabel May in the Paramount Plus series 1883. She is the oldest daughter of James Dutton (Tim McGraw) and his wife Margaret (Faith Hill). They are set out on a journey to make a living in Montana.

Elsa was first in a relationship with Ennis in the series, which developed over the first few episodes. However, Ennis was tragically killed in front of her. She eventually moved on with Sam (Martin Sensmeier) — a Comanche Warrior.

“Then you follow it with Ennis dying and Elsa quickly moving on and falling deeply in love again, so soon. She is heartbroken after his death, willing to kill herself and then within weeks, she meets a person from another culture and falls madly in love with them? I’m sure there is some theory as to why she had to have loved and lost to really understand love in the wilds of the west. But, if that’s the case, build it up more than a few episodes and little chemistry.”

‘1883’ Fans Chime In About Elsa Dutton’s Relationship

Sam took a liking to Elsa after meeting up with her caravan. The two raced horses against each other and grew closer the more they got to know one another. Same nicknamed her Lightning with the Yellow Hair, after the color of Elsa’s hair and the speed of her horse, which she named lightning.

Most 1883 fans on Reddit don’t think it’s that odd that Elsa moved on so quickly.

“I think she was very young and at that age, you fall in love quite easily,” one person replied. “I loved Ennis from his first scene and was sad to see him go but I also really like Sam and the chemistry was there. The casting was so good in this show. Just finished the finale today. I’m having withdrawals!”

“Even if it wasn’t very clear, I think it’s worth remembering that a significant chunk of time had passed between Ennis’s death and Sam,” a second fan added. “Elsa only knew Ennis for a few weeks. Then at least that much time had passed again before Sam came along.”

“Relationships also just had a different mentality then,” they continued. “Husbands and wives died more often/suddenly. It’s not like Elsa was heading into a town where dozens of potential husbands would be scattered around. More than likely her family would be alone where they settled. Elsa’s best chances of a husband were finding one along the way (Margaret even says as much when she allows Elsa to court Ennis).”