‘1883’ Finale: LaMonica Garrett Reflects on Thomas and Noemi’s Fates

by Leanne Stahulak

The “1883” season finale was an emotional roller coaster like no other. Among the heartbreaking scenes, though, were sporadic moments of joy.

WARNING! Massive spoilers ahead for the season finale of “1883,” which aired on Paramount Plus on Sunday, Feb. 27.

One of those joyful moments came courtesy of LaMonica Garrett’s character Thomas and his girlfriend, Noemi (Gratiela Brancusi). Thomas and Noemi were some of the few people to make it to Oregon alive. They ended up settling in Willamette Valley, finding a beautiful open space not too far from a river. You see Noemi’s two boys embrace her with joy, happy to finally have found a home.

No one was more surprised by Thomas’s happy ending on “1883” than Garrett himself. He talked with TV Insider earlier this week about what it was like to see that happily ever after on-screen.

“That was unexpected for me,” Garrett revealed. “When I was reading the scripts, each shootout towards the end of the season, I’m like, ‘Here’s where Thomas gets it,’ just in the back of my brain, ‘This is where it happens.’”

The “1883” star added, “And then the more I keep reading… That’s when I told other people about this show. ‘Whatever you think is going to happen, if you think, oh yeah, it’s the same old Western, it’s the same old this, the same that,’ Taylor [Sheridan] turns it on its head and gives you something that you weren’t expecting. Thomas and Noemi’s ending is something I really didn’t expect, but it was beautiful to see.”

Their romance throughout the whole season was heartwarming and wholesome. It would’ve been devastating to see either one of them die, when they’d already watched so many perish. Now, they get to just focus on farming their new land and growing closer as a family.

‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Happy to See Thomas Find a Family

A wife and two kids are likely the last things Thomas expected to find on this journey to Oregon. But during the “1883” finale, we see him finally realize that all this happiness can truly be his. Even LaMonica Garrett expected something to be ripped away from Thomas by the end of it.

“The fact that they’re together and to me, how Thomas told Shea, maybe one of these kids has a kid and that kid grows up to change the world pretty much,” Garrett explained. “The fact that Thomas is there with two of these kids that he talked about, to be there to kind of shepherd them into becoming men and to give them a life that he never had [is amazing].”

Garrett concluded, “He grew up with no parents, no father, no love figures, no people to help structure him and shape him to become a man. And when have you seen in westerns in general where the Black cowboy gets the girl and a happy ending? I can’t remember. So it’s special for a lot of reasons, but yeah, I’m happy for Thomas and Noemi.”

As are we all.