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‘1883’ Finale: LaMonica Garrett Weighs In on Thomas’s Journey

by Courtney Blackann
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

The season finale of “1883” has officially arrived and while we don’t want to give any spoilers away – let me just say you’re going to need some tissues for this one. Now that it’s all said and done, Lamonica Garrett aka Thomas is reflecting on his journey and time crossing the Great Plains.

In an interview with TV Insider, the “1883” actor discusses what pushed Thomas to continue on his journey in the face of tragedy. He also weighs in on how Thomas’ journey changed him – generally for the better.

If you were wondering if Thomas makes it to his destination, you’ll have to watch the episode – we’re going to leave that out of it. However, we can share with you what Lamonica Garrett feels in the end about his journey overall and his relationship with Noemi.

The actor opened up about the important takeaways from the show as well as Thomas’ outlook on life.

“I think Thomas [sees] the worst of what society has, but he’s always kept his hope, his humanity. That’s the thing I love about him, that he’s sees dark days, he doesn’t live in it. He makes a choice to wake up each morning and be positive and put one in front of the other,” Garrett begins.

Lamonica Garrett on ‘1883’ Message of Love

He also says, “So I think him getting a relationship with Noemi, that’s something he didn’t expect, but I think that’s so good for Thomas because he knows how to use his hands. And he knows how to use his weapons. He knows the terrain, he knows horses, he knows everything, but he never experienced love. And he learned how to allow himself to be loved. I think that’s what we all pray for, just to have a life partner while we’re on this spinning rock, to share it with someone. He was sharing it with Shea before, but that [had limits]. That’s your buddy, but that’s as far as that can go.”

Even prior to “1883’s” conclusion, Garrett also said he will still have a cowboy in him well after the show ends. You can’t spend months between Texas and Montana, training on horseback every day and not feel like a cowboy. So, we get it. But the “1883” actor says the show holds a special place in his heart – and will for a long time to come.

“Whenever 1883 finishes, I’ll still have cowboy in me,” Garrett says of his newfound lifestyle. “Between cowboy camp and experiencing what we have in the last six months, it’s not just something that you hang up the scripts and you hang up the clothes and it’s ‘Alright, back to everyday life.’ I’m riding horses out here now, I was at the PBR last night at Staples Center- bull riding. It’s a culture and I’m here for it.”