‘1883’ Got Tim McGraw ‘Back In Gear’ For Touring

by Clayton Edwards

When most people think of Tim McGraw, they immediately think of his country music career. He’s one of the best-selling artists in the genre. Additionally, he and Faith Hill teamed up for one of the best-selling tours in history. However, it’s impossible to overlook McGraw’s acting chops. He elevated films like Friday Night Lights and The Blind Side among others. Since August, Tim, Faith, and several others have been working to bring the Yellowstone prequel series 1883 to life.

In a recent roundtable interview, Tim McGraw said that working on 1883 has helped him grow profoundly as an actor. Additionally, it’s giving him plenty of new song ideas for his upcoming album. In that same roundtable, McGraw talked about how working on the show is making him want to tour again.

Tim McGraw on Touring ‘I’ve Missed It’

When asked about his upcoming tour with Russell Dickerson and if 1883 is getting him “geared up” to hit the road again, Tim McGraw said he couldn’t wait to be on tour. “I’ve missed it,” said the award-winning country singer. “Over the last couple of years of COVID, I think I’ve maybe done ten shows. For me, that’ highly unusual because I’m always working and I’m always touring.”

Then, Tim McGraw discussed what he loves about being on the road. “I love the routine of touring,” he said. “And, I love seeing new acts and going out on the side of the stage and watching what they do. So, I really look forward to it.”

Tim McGraw went on to say that he’s looking forward to the “instant gratification” of being on the road. McGraw added that he loves acting and seeing the final product of the hard work that everyone puts in. However, it’s nothing like stepping out on stage and hearing the roar of a crowd. “It’s a different kind of energy when you’re playing live music.”

Good News for McGraw Fans

Tim McGraw said that he and his team are working on putting a tour together that will be fun for everyone. “Everybody needs a release right now,” he said. “Everybody’s looking for an outlet. We just tried to put together a fun show.”

Tim McGraw said that he’s working a “full-time schedule” trying to get everything done. Right now, he’s working on 1883 and preparing to hit the road next year. Additionally, he’s working on a new album. After working on the set all day, McGraw says, “I’m going home and I’m listening to mixes and writing songs.” Many of those songs, he later revealed were inspired by the new hit series.

So, it’s possible that McGraw is working on an album full of Yellowstone Universe-inspired cowboy songs.