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‘1883’: Gratiela Brancusi Can’t Even Watch This ‘Brutal Scene’

by Amy Myers
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

While most of 1883 fans have finished the prequel series, star Gratiela Brancusi still can’t bring herself to watch the finale.

It’s not that the actress behind Noemi doesn’t want to see all the hard work the cast has put into the finale episode of 1883. In fact, she knows just as well as anyone how emotional and magical those last moments on set were for the stars. However, there are a couple of reasons keeping her from pressing play. One is simply that she doesn’t want the experience to officially end. The other is that one scene is just too “brutal.”

“To be honest, I haven’t watched Episodes 9 and 10 because I’m not really ready,” Brancusi told TV Insider. “I feel like once I watch them, I’m going to say goodbye and I’m not really ready to say goodbye.”

Then there’s that harrowing scene with Josef [Mark Risssman]. Following a horrific snake bite, brave members of the 1883 caravan had to hold down the hopeful traveler and amputate his leg to stop the spread of the infection. And the show didn’t spare any details while shooting.

“But it was brutal,” she continued. “I still remember the sound of it, and I don’t know what it sounds like right now after editing and everything. I remember looking at some point as we were around his body, Faith [Hill] and Tim [McGraw] and myself, and Sam [Elliott] and LaMonica [Garrett] were on the other end and maybe a little braver than us. But I remember looking at Faith and Tim and thinking, oh my God, all three of us are gonna lose it. It just looked like we were getting sick to our stomachs.”

‘1883’ Star Speaks to Accuracy of the Scene

Even months after filming that moment, the reality of the amputation scene still sticks with Brancusi.

“That sound will stay with me forever,” Brancusi admitted.

This is mostly because of the props that they used for the amputation. According to fellow 1883 star, LaMonica Garrett, they used a prosthetic that mimicked real bone and flesh. Hearing a saw rip through the prosthetic got a little too real for the stars, especially Brancusi. In fact, she can still hear it clear as day now.

“It’s just something that I cannot get out of my mind,” she continued. “Especially that night when we went back to where we were staying, I just remember it was so vivid. I don’t know what they used, but it was insane, The sound of the flesh and the sound of the bone more than anything, I can’t really forget it. There’s not a lot of sounds that have stayed with me for so long, and it just feels like I just heard it two minutes ago. It was brutal.”