‘1883’ Star Gratiela Brancusi Says ‘A Lot of Research’ Went Into Preparing for the Role

by Joe Rutland

When appearing in 1883 on Paramount+, actress Gratiela Brancusi had to do her research. She played Noemi in the Taylor Sheridan series that just lasted for one season. So, those 1883 fans that grew to appreciate Gratiela Brancusi will need to be on the lookout for her next project. We don’t know what it will be but she’ll probably bring the same amount of focus and effort she provided to this role.

‘1883’ Actress Gratiela Brancusi Went To Her Family For Some Help

OK, so how much research did she do? “A lot of research,” Brancusi said. “There’s not a lot of documented history of Roma people so I had to reach out to people from the community.”

She said that she went to family back home and her father’s friends. “And everyone was nice enough to spend a lot of time with me and sort of introduce me to the customs and the culture as it was back in the day,” Brancusi said.

“There are still tribes that are very traditional today but I wasn’t raised in one, so I’m still learning,” the 1883 actress said. “And also just learning how to ride a horse and rope and ride a wagon and all that, it’s some of the best time of my life.” We get more from this article by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Actress Also Noted Noemi’s Strength, Bravery During Show’s Run

Gratiela Brancusi from 1883 did notice a lot of things about Noemi’s strength and bravery. Brancusi talked about it with TV Insider and offered some words about her 1883 experiences.

What about Noemi’s personal journey? She said, “She’s a really brave woman and I think the kids are part of it. I don’t know what it’s like to have children, but I imagine when you have children, you don’t really have a choice. You have to be brave and braver than you think you are for them, but they’ve seen a lot on this journey.”

There is a scene where Shea, played by Sam Elliott, asks Thomas, played by LaMonica Garrett, “How’s your lady?” Thomas answers, as Brancusi paraphrased, “If we make it to Oregon, by the time we make it to Oregon, her skin’s gonna be so thick you can’t cut it with a knife.” She continued, “I think that’s what happens.”

Indeed, Noemi did grow thick skin and became tough and resilient. But she also became emotionally available and willing to accept love. Noemi accepted Thomas, warts and all, as they both had trauma from their pasts that brought them together. Yes, they had hurt and tragedy but they could lean on one another.