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‘1883’ Star Gratiela Brancusi Says Love Story With Thomas Is Noemi’s ‘Step to Freedom’

by Lauren Boisvert
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Gratiela Brancusi has recently been discussing her “1883” character, Noemi. Specifically, how she relates to Thomas, and how their relationship could grow. In conversation with TV Line about Thomas and Noemi, Brancusi spoke about what that mirror means, where Noemi’s resilience comes from, and how Thomas is her “step to freedom.”

When asked about how Noemi is really taking the lead in the relationship, Brancusi replied, “She’s very wise, and that has to do with trauma; a lot of times wisdom comes at the cost of trauma. And the idea of freedom, too… To her, freedom means the choice to be able to make choices, and then, whatever happens after that, happens, but just to be able to make choices — which is something I don’t think she was able to do [at] home.”

So, life on the wagon train is opening up new doors for Noemi. Things are dangerous, and risky, and she constantly has to be strong for her children; but, there’s freedom, and opportunity ahead. She has a future now, where she didn’t before.

“This [relationship] is her step to freedom, to full freedom,” Brancusi continued. “She’s making a choice. It’s so bold, and I was so worried about it. Just because in the culture, widows remained widows for the rest of their lives. It’s considered a shame for a woman in the culture [to] do what she’s doing.”

Noemi is risking that shame and ostracization from her culture in order to be happy and protected. She sees her future in Thomas, and she’s going to go out and get it.

‘1883’: LaMonica Garrett Opens Up About Thomas’ ‘Softer Side’

Currently on “1883,” Noemi and Thomas are flirting with the idea of a relationship. Noemi claims that the mirror means more than just a simple present, and Thomas is awkward and shy around her when she says things like that. But, through the act of giving her the mirror, Thomas revealed that he’s not as rough and tumble as he appears.

When asked by TV Insider if we’re going to see the softer side of Thomas more often, Garrett replied, “You’re gonna see more of it, and in this series, the thing that jumped out at me was the men start out gruff and edgy and a little harder and the women start out softer, coming from their traditions.”

He then spoke about the dynamics between the men and women on the wagon train. Everyone’s nature has changed as the journey goes on; the men have become more vulnerable, and the women harder and tougher. They’re shirking society’s expectations now that they’re in open territory. The women now look after themselves, drink coffee and shoot outlaws. Everyone is growing and changing fundamentally on this journey; Thomas and Noemi are a testament to that.