‘1883’ Star Gratiela Brancusi Revealed Why Noemi ‘Felt Protected’ With Thomas

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ (C) 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.)

Gratiela Brancusi on 1883 brought to life Noemi, who would grow close to Thomas on the show. There was a level of care and attention that he showed to her. It was very different from other experiences that Noemi, who was a gypsy, had had with men. Gratiela Brancusi points out that there was some desire within Noemi to grow close to Shea on 1883, but he turned her down. With Thomas? It is a whole different ballgame between both of them.

‘1883’ Actress Gratiela Brancusi Talks About Noemi Learning Things

“I think she’s scared for herself but more so it’s a primal fear,” Brancusi said. “The fear of a mother who doesn’t know how she’s going to take care of her children. Shea turns her down and I think she’s shocked whereas Thomas, he teaches her some things I don’t know that anyone’s done before for her. She’s been dependent on other men in her family. I think she feels protected in a way that she’s never felt before.”

Much like other characters in the drama, Brancusi’s Noemi and LaMonica Garrett’s Thomas had synergy. They were able to bring something together thanks to the acting talents of 1883 actress Gratiela Brancusi. The same goes for Garrett, too. Sam Elliott splendidly played Shea Brennan on the show. But the actress knows that Noemi has had quite a background. A hard background and one that will shape the way she views life.

“I think that’s weighing heavy on her, the fear that she’s been a bad mother,” Brancusi said in an interview with TV Insider. “She lost her husband. And I think their decision to come out here, she was driven by it more than him, in a way. Although at the time, women didn’t really make that sort of a decision.”

Brancusi Points Out That Character Had Deep Desire To See Children Have Better Life

One thing that Noemi might have had is a deep desire to see her children live a better life. When Noemi and her kids actually start their journey, she realized that parenthood presents different problems out in the American West.

“I think she’s very different in many ways,” 1883 star Gratiela Brancusi said. “Probably both [Noemi and her husband] were determined to escape. Slavery had just been abolished in the Romanian territories, and all around Europe, they were still dealing with oppression and such. She does feel guilty for whatever this trip might do to her kids, even past their Oregon happy ending.”

Actors are known to audition for roles. That makes sense. You have to show that you have what it takes. So, what was Brancusi doing? “I was doing theatre before this,” she said.