‘1883’: Here’s Everyone Who Died in Devastating Finale

by Leanne Stahulak

“1883” fans, get your tissue boxes ready for the stunning season finale of Taylor Sheridan’s incredible prequel series.

WARNING! Massive spoilers ahead for the season finale of “1883,” which dropped on Paramount Plus on Sunday, Feb. 27.

We’ve seen several characters die throughout the show. Many immigrants succumbed to drowning, bandits, animal attacks, tornadoes, and several other threats. They fell in large numbers during Episode 9 when the Native American tribe mistakenly attacked them.

But in Episode 10 of “1883,” fans witnessed the death of many main characters too.

Mourning the Main Characters Who Died

We knew from the beginning that Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) was not long for this world. In her very first scene in Episode 1, we watched someone shoot Elsa with an arrow. And now, in the finale, Elsa chooses her final resting place as the family journeys north.

This might be the most heartbreaking scene in the entire series. May and McGraw do a phenomenal job conveying Elsa’s last moments with her father. She’s not afraid of what’s coming, because she knows she’s lived as full a life as she could in these last few months. James Dutton knows that, but it doesn’t make it any easier for him to accept his daughter’s loss. Thinking about his weeping even now brings tears to my eyes.

But the loss doesn’t stop there. “1883” fans also saw the man himself, Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott) finish his journey to Oregon and sit by the ocean. He finally managed to bring the piece of his wife that lives in his heart to the ocean, so she could see it for herself.

“Just look at that, Helen. Isn’t it beautiful?” Shea asks his dead wife. Soon, the cameras pull away as a gunshot rings out.

From the very first episode, fans knew that Shea didn’t see much purpose in his life without Helen and his daughter in it. But he tried to pull through for those immigrants, to lead them to a better life. And while he tried his best to keep them alive for the journey, an unfortunate number of them also didn’t survive the “1883” season finale.

Minor Characters Who Died on ‘1883’

At the beginning of the “1883” season finale, the wagon train stops at a fort to try and get Elsa medical attention. They quickly realize that the area they stopped in is run by thieves similar to the ones they took care of in Episode 9. Shea Brennan and the Duttons decide to move on, but many immigrants want to stay at the fort.

Unfortunately, this decision leads to their deaths. The thieves attack the immigrants who remained at the fort and kill every single one of them. The only ones who moved on with Shea and the Duttons were Josef and his wife Risa, as well as Noemi and her children.

Risa, unfortunately, dies of her injuries from the journey. Josef also loses part of his leg to a snakebite. But in a flash-forward, we see Josef on crutches as he finally claims his own piece of land.

Thomas, Shea’s right-hand man, is one of the few characters to make it out unscathed. He and Noemi start a life together with their own plot of land, making plans for the future.

And the Duttons find their new home in Montana. We even see an afterlife scene of Elsa riding the open plains with Sam (Martin Sensmeier), the Native American man she fell in love with. It’s as happy an ending for her as we would ask for.