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‘1883’: How James Dutton’s Venture West Is a ‘Rejection of Society’

by Jonathan Howard
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While some folks might think that settlers went west just for fun. However, 1883′s James Dutton has a deeper reason for being on the trail.

Clearly, James has issues with the America he lived in. One doesn’t pick up everything and take a deadly journey just for the heck of it. Behind every settler on the journey is a reason. Whether it is a German immigrant, Shea, or the Dutton family. Even each Dutton has a different reason as to why.

Tim McGraw has fallen in love with his character on 1883. He is all about James Dutton. Part of that is the complexity the character has. In a conversation with Jefferson White on the official Yellowstone Podcast, the actors talked about James and his reason why. White asked McGraw about the journey and the meaning behind it.

“His[James’] venture west is a complete rejection of the society that he lived in,” McGraw says plainly. “It’s a refusal to even be a part of it anymore. So, he went to a place society didn’t exist.”

It was during the Civil War flashback scene that featured Tom Hanks as General George Meade when we heard Elsa narrate a big piece of information. James suffered in a prison camp. Barely made it out alive and then barely spoke about the war again. Elsa mentions that other soldiers would spot him in public back home. Dutton would just turn and walk the other way.

From the very beginning, 1883 fans have noticed the gruff and rough exterior of James. He is only interested in helping his family and his family only. As he sees it, the more folks they have with them the better. Strength in numbers. But, will that last?

‘1883’ Tim McGraw Says New Episode Worth Waiting For

Last week, there wasn’t a new episode of 1883. Fans were a little upset. But, that just means that we won’t run out of episodes as soon as originally thought. A break in between episodes can be nice, anyway. Ahead of this week’s premiere of Episode 6, McGraw wanted to get fans excited.

Not only is there going to be more Thomas in this episode, but we should get some resolution to Episode 5. Ennis was killed and Elsa is likely going to be struggling. McGraw took to Twitter and said, “Episode 6 out next Sunday, January 30th… Worth waiting for!!” He was featured smacking Ennis off of his horse in a photo set from Episode 5.

1883 has been steadily moving along. As they move further west, the landscape changes and so do the challenges. Soon, they will be faced with Native territories. So, how much danger awaits the caravan?