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‘1883’: How Sam Elliott ‘Really Committed’ to the Show, According to the Producer

by Shelby Scott
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Sam Elliott boasts a long career in acting, with an affinity almost as long for Western films and series. That said, when he joined “1883,” executive producer David Glasser said the 77-year-old actor “really committed” to the show.

What makes Sam Elliott’s commitment to “1883” remarkable is that writers blatantly foreshadow Shea Brennan’s death. And while other series might keep that knowledge a secret until tragedy actually strikes, fans and cast members alike became aware early in the series. After torching his house in the first moments of episode one, we move on to another frame where we find Shea seated in the grass, tears streaming down his face, pointing a gun at himself.

In speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, David Glasser said, “Shea has gone on this journey, helping unselfishly all these people and doing something incredible. And I love all our characters,” he continued, “but Sam really committed [to] this journey as an individual.”

We frequently experience the despair, heartbreak, and fear exhibited by all of our favorite “1883,” characters. However, there’s something seemingly more genuine about Sam Elliott’s performances.

Nevertheless, the “1883” producer concluded, “This cast and crew just really gave it their all. Everything you see in the show is a bit of what we went through.”

‘1932’ Spin-Off Was Initially ‘1883’s’ Second Season

Taylor Sheridan has been busy this year. His hit series, “Yellowstone,” has recently exploded into a multitude of spin-offs, spanning a century and a half.

“1883” marks the very beginnings of the Duttons’ roots in Montana. But now, the upcoming spin-off, “1932,” will follow their family tree a step closer to the “Yellowstone” core family.

That said, did you know “1932” was actually supposed to be the second season of “1883”?

As we know, “1883” hasn’t actually been awarded any seasons, rather just additional episodes. Glasser spoke a little bit as to why that is, sharing with the news outlet, “I don’t want to give away too much, but [“1932″] was always intended to be the second season.”

“Now,” he continued, “the network is excited to bring you something really additional to ‘1883,’ which is super exciting. There was one version–and now there’s going to be two.”

“1932” will differ drastically from the Wild West of “1883.”

Set just about 50 years in the future, “1932” follows the children, namely John (Audie Rick), of “1883.”

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the “1883” sequel “will follow a new generation of Duttons during the time of Western expansion, Prohibition, and the Great Depression.”

“1932” should be interesting for other reasons. While “1883” was told from Elsa Dutton’s perspective, John is Margaret and James Dutton‘s only remaining child. Therefore, we’ll get to follow the little boy into manhood as he continues the Dutton legacy in the time of westward expansion.