‘1883’ Star Isabel May Explains Why She Wasn’t Afraid To Ride Horses at Cowboy Camp

by Quentin Blount

1883 star Isabel May might be a city girl at heart, but she has never displayed any fear when it comes to riding horses.

If you haven’t heard yet, 1883 is the new prequel spin-off to Paramount Network’s Yellowstone. Up to this point, it has been everything we’ve wanted it to be and more. One of the best reasons why it’s so good is because it stars 21-year-old actress Isabel May. May plays the role of Elsa Dutton on the show.

Another one of the things that make 1883 so good is how authentic it is to the time. As a matter of fact, the creator of the series, Taylor Sheridan, made all of the stars undergo an intensive training called “Cowboy Camp” before they ever set foot on the set. This helped teach Isabel May and some of the other actors and actresses how to deal with horses, wagons, guns, and anything else that they would have had to use during that time period.

The Elsa Dutton actress recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show where she talked about the whole experience. May has never been to anything like that before.

“I am a city girl. I was born in LA so I never experienced that.”

You can watch the entire interview with Kelly Clarkson, Isabel May, and Tim McGraw down below. Check it out:

No Horse Fears for ‘1883’ Star Isabel May

Not only did Isabel May go through Cowboy Camp, but she also made sure to get a head start on it. She says that she arrived earlier than some of the other stars to be able to have more time riding.

“I flew in about a week and a half earlier than everyone and just rode horses,” she said.

Do you think that she had fun doing so? You better believe it.

“Oh, I mean, come on. You’re just staying at someone’s house and riding horses all day.”

Isabel May is right about this one and she’s probably not alone in how she feels. Living on a ranch and riding horses all day? That sounds like a dream scenario for all of us Outsiders.

Meanwhile, if you think the young 1883 star was ever nervous or fearful about getting on a horse you should probably think again. Kelly Clarkson acknowledged how common it is to be afraid of riding horses. Especially for first-timers. But not for Isabel May. Clarkson asked her straight up if she was scared the first time.

“To be honest, no,” May admitted. “I got really lucky. I just really wanted to be good at it and I really wanted to learn. So, that kind of overcame any sort of fear that I may have had.”