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‘1883’ Star Isabel May Learned Horsemanship From Studying the Wranglers

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

When 1883 star Isabel May was put on the cast for the show, she knew that horse riding would play a major role in the show. So, she started to get in as much practice as she could. Her work on horseback was so impressive, she even got some props from her costars.

May, of course, played the great character of Elsa Dutton in 1883. Like everyone else in the cast, she had to learn how to rope and ride. Toby Keith would be very jealous. It wasn’t just learning to ride, but also wrangle cattle. Plus, learning how to act while on horseback, and do all the little things right.

Apparently, Sam Elliott thought so highly of May’s horseriding that he dropped a compliment in an interview. May talked to Reel School about the compliment and cowboy camp in general.

“It [cowboy camp] was incredible,” May said seated next to Faith Hill. “What a luxury to just be able to ride a horse all day in these beautiful meadows, it was so serene… it was like being on cloud nine. I watched, as best I could, the wranglers ride and tried to imitate everything they did, and I also feel like mentally if you tell yourself you look good on something or you’re doing something right, you kind of reflect it.

“Also, the minute I found out I was doing the project, I did try to ride horses as much as I could, before cowboy camp.”

As one of 1883‘s biggest stars, Isabel May had a big responsibility to learn the ins and outs. Her character declares early her new identity as a cowboy, and that couldn’t have been done without May’s work. Taylor Sheridan set this up just right and May followed through.

‘1883’ Star Isabel May is ‘Bored’ Now

Like most fans at this point, 1883 star Isabel May is “bored” now without the show. Sunday nights were going great for a long time. Between Yellowstone Season 4 and 1883 that was a long period of time for Sheridan-universe fans. Without riding and acting, things just aren’t as interesting.

“I was a little tired about a week after [the show], but I’m a little bored now,” the actress said while talking to costar Eric Nelsen. However, it isn’t all bad. “I’m feeling pretty good, I’m just enjoying myself right now on this little vacay.”

Without 1883 and Isabel May in our lives, what are we supposed to do, Outsiders? I guess the only thing to do is rewatch the season, maybe watch some Yellowstone, and hope for some new Sheridan content soon. He’s a one-man writer’s room. So, you know he has another project right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled.