‘1883’ Star Isabel May’s New Movie No Longer Moving Forward: What We Know

by Jonathan Howard

For fans of 1883s Isabel May – bad news – the new movie featuring her will no longer be made. The Wonder Twins isn’t coming to HBO Max. The DC Comics superhero twins will not come to the live-action screen. It is a decision that was made, perhaps, in response to the $75 million budget it had.

‘The Wonder Twins’ Won’t Happen

  • The Wonder Twins was a new movie set to feature Isabel May of 1883, as Jayna
  • HBO Max will not move forward with the film after budget cuts came from CEO David Zaslav
  • KJ Apa of Riverdale fame was set to star alongside May as her brother Zan

The Wonder Twins have been an icon in pop culture off and on throughout the years. Sometimes as a parody, and sometimes in earnest. For those that are not familiar with the powers of the twins, Zan and Jayna, it’s pretty simple. Zan can take the form of water, which can be surprising at times. Jayna is able to take the form of any animal.

Isabel May was set to play Jayna in the new movie. KJ Apa from Riverdale was set to play Zan in the film. It was announced more than a month ago that this movie would come to HBO Max. This isn’t just a disappointment for the actors and folks involved. This is another hit to DC as a brand and to their fans, really.

The DC Universe is begging for more diversified stories. Fans want to get something different than the usual Batman and Joker films. however, at least for this straight-to-streaming film, that won’t happen.

So, where does this leave the Wonder Twins? Well, it leaves the franchise and the characters where they were before. The past. Of course, Zan and Jayna made their TV debut with The All-New Super Friends Hour. While the two have been featured in comics and on TV, it hasn’t really been a focus for DC. Adam Sztykiel was writing and directing the film. He is also directing Black Adam featuring Dwayne Johnson.

Did Budget Cuts End Isabel May’s New Movie?

The report that came out from Variety and was shared through TV Line made it seem like the film was canceled for money reasons. It had a huge budget of $75 million and with the merger with Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav wanted to eliminate some money. Like, $3 billion worth.

This could be part of that bigger plan and scheme. However, there could be other reasons why the Apa-May film isn’t coming together after all.

So, what do you think, Outsiders? Is this something that you were looking forward to? Or, is this something that was barely on your radar? When something like this happens, you have to wonder what it came down to. While it appears to be budget reasons, it might have been for lack of interest. However, with stars like Apa and May, that seems hard to believe.