‘1883’ Star Isabel May Reveals the Moment Elsa Saw Her Mom ‘In a Different Light’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ (C) 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.)

On 1883, the scenes between Isabel May and Faith Hill as daughter Elsa and mother Margaret are simply electric. They have some chemistry. Especially between them as actresses and characters. The mother-daughter vibe of that time and place comes out in different scenes. There’s one where Elsa begins to see Margaret a bit differently. This is where May herself raises the specter of Hill’s character being seen in a new way.

‘1883’ Actress Isabel May Talks Glowingly About Seeing Margaret Differently

“She sees her mother in a different light,” May said. “There’s clearly a past that she’s unaware of. She’s a horseback rider and that’s everything that Elsa wants to be. And so, she kind of starts to understand my mother was something else in the past and she gave that up. Maybe she gave that up for me. It’s the first time that she’s seen her mother in a different light, which is really special. Really beautiful.”

The work between both of them is beautiful, too. 1883, which featured Isabel May, shared the tough, dirty, and rough way that life out on the road to the West was never easy all the time. Still, this Taylor Sheridan-created series helps add another layer to the long, arching Yellowstone storyline.

In case you missed it, then 1883 is just a one-season show. Yeah, fans of the series might not like the fact that it’s over as far as episodic TV is concerned. Still, we believe that May, Hill, Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott, and LaMonica Garrett will be finding new projects either immediately or soon.

Cowboy Camp Proved To Be Quite Valuable For Actress Heading Into Show

One thing that Sheridan wants his actors to do is to learn about the life of a cowboy. That’s why he has what is called Cowboy Camp for his cast members to attend. May loved it.

“It [Cowboy Camp] was incredible,” 1883 star Isabel May said. “What a luxury to just be able to ride a horse all day in these beautiful meadows, it was so serene… it was like being on Cloud Nine. I watched, as best I could, the wranglers ride and tried to imitate everything they did, and I also feel like mentally if you tell yourself you look good on something or you’re doing something right, you kind of reflect it. Also, the minute I found out I was doing the project, I did try to ride horses as much as I could, before Cowboy Camp.”

By the way, Sheridan was quite complimentary of May’s work on the show. “The greatest compliment you can pay an actor is to say they brought your imagination to life,” he said. “That’s what she did.”