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‘1883’ Star Isabel May Says Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Being Married Gives Her an ‘Advantage’

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic)

Fans of “1883” were super stoked to learn that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill would lead the cast as the original Duttons. The two have roots in country, a fan base that will follow all their projects, and incredible respect from creator Taylor Sheridan. And the duo’s onscreen daughter Isabel May also says she loves that Tim and Faith are married in real life. The actress says it’s a real advantage on set.

Speaking in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, May detailed the reasons behind her love for both Tim and Faith. She speaks of their onscreen marriage playing James and Margaret Dutton – as well as their real-life marriage. And because she plays their daughter, she says the couple being married is a positive thing.

“I think it’s been an absolute advantage. The fact that they have three daughters is an advantage as well. I have a little bit of a physical resemblance, but my personality also melds with their three daughters from what Faith has expressed to me,” May says.

Isabel May Praises Relationship with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

She goes on to add, “So when you see some of the emotion that plays out, especially between Faith and Tim, it feels so real because how they feel about Elsa became so real. It became almost painfully real. She became like a real daughter to them, I think, and they kind of became real parents to me as well. So I love them dearly, and the stars aligned perfectly. It was all meant to me.”

While Tim McGraw’s character leads the charge in the quest for a better life, Faith Hill as Margaret is the trusting wife who holds steadfast. Their two children are learning what it means to be a cowboy, hunt for food and trust in each other.

“1883’s” Actor Couldn’t Wait to Join Show

Upon joining the cast, McGraw also shared that he felt incredibly lucky to be a part of the project. In fact, he said that Sheridan’s script was one of the best he ever read. And he couldn’t wait to come aboard.

“It all comes down to the material. I mean, everything is driven by the material you pick. I wasn’t looking for a series to do by any means,” McGraw explained.

He continued his explanation, “I wasn’t looking to dedicate five months of my life, six days a week, twelve fourteen hours a day out in the elements, I wasn’t looking to do that. When you get Taylor, as you know, he’s such a brilliant writer. When he sent these scripts to us, it was literally the best thing I’ve ever read. The best thing I’ve ever read.”

While the series took a two-week break, it’ll be back on Paramount+ this Sunday with an all-new episode. We can’t wait to see what unfolds next!