‘1883’ Star Isabel May Describes Working With Rita Wilson

by Courtney Blackann

Since its debut, “1883” has seen a lot of big-name guest stars. A personal favorite is definitely Billy Bob Thornton as the badass sheriff of a Texas town – but there have been several others. These include Oscar winner Tom Hanks along with his wife Rita Wilson. And though Isabel May wasn’t able to be on set for many of their scenes, she did get to meet Rita Wilson in between filming. And the “1883” actress said she was a delight.

Since Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are notably good friends with Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, when asked, the two were all too happy to have cameos on the show. Isabel May said she was so bummed to learn she didn’t initially get to work with Tom Hanks or Billy Bob Thornton, but Wilson is a different story.

In speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the “1883” actress had this to say about Wilson.

“I wasn’t there when Billy Bob [Thornton] was there. I wasn’t there when Tom was there. And I was a little bummed out about it,” she admitted. “But I did get to interact with her. Tom and Rita are really good friends with Tim [McGraw] and Faith [Hill]. I think that’s how they got involved in this project at all is their relationship with Tim and Faith, so it was really nice to see Faith and Rita just laughing and enjoying each other.”

We haven’t seen Rita appear on the series yet, but she’s due for an upcoming episode and has a special scene with Faith Hill. And as Wilson has been acting for decades, we’re sure she’ll be a fantastic addition to the list of guest stars.

Tim McGraw Responsible for Tom Hanks “1883 Cameo

In fact, “1883’s” main stars are the reason that both Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson agreed to appear on the Taylor Sheridan western.

“It was pretty spectacular for Tom Hanks to show up and do the scene,” McGraw said speaking with his label, Big Machine Label Group. “We’ve been friends for such a long time. We’re family friends forever. Our kids are friends, Faith and Rita are best friends, and so to ask him to do this scene and he says, ‘Sure, I’ll be there. Tell me when,’ was just so incredible.”

And further, McGraw said he got goosebumps filming the brief scene with Hanks. He says that his friend and Oscar winning actor is just that good – that the moment felt really special and emotional.

“No matter how good of friends you are and how well you know someone, when you’re sitting there in a scene that’s that emotional and you see Tom Hanks walk up in a Union uniform, and look at you and say, ‘Captain.’ And then he just sat beside me and he puts his hand on my shoulder and he goes, ‘I know.’ I just fell apart,” McGraw confesses. “That’s somebody that knows what they’re doin’. He was just really good.”