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‘1883’s LaMonica Garrett Breaks Down the Backstory Thomas Shares with Sam Elliott’s Shea Brennan

by Jonathan Howard
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Shea and Thomas are one of the best parts about 1883. LaMonica Garrett spoke at a roundtable with Outsider about that relationship.

So far along the wagon train’s journey, Shea and Thomas have had to establish themselves as leaders. If the Pinkerton agents are supposed to get these people to Oregon alive and safe, then they need some sense of control. There are no paved roads on the way to the west.

1883‘s own LaMonica Garrett talked about the two cowboys and their relationship. Hardened and changed by the war and the horrors that it included, they are both no-nonsense types. However, they understand one another. They survive because of one another.

“They served together in the civil war,” the 1883 star explained. “Shea was a captain, Thomas was a Buffalo Soldier. When the war was over the requirements for Buffalo Soldiers turned into something different than what they originally signed up for. And Thomas and Shea were like, ‘we didn’t sign up [for this] these people aren’t doing anything to us. It’s time to leave.’ So they kinda went their own way and became Pinkerton agents.”

The 1883 characters trust one another deeply. You don’t fight a war together and not come out with some heightened sense of trust. Almost like two halves to one mind, they are constantly bouncing ideas and comments off of one another.

“So, the right hand knows what the left is doing,” the 1883 actor continued. “Shea and Thomas, they can sit at a campfire for hours and not say a word, but they’re saying everything. They just know each other, they’re brothers, they’re best friends.”

Check out the Instagram clip below for more from LaMonica.

Shea Tries to Keep Control in ‘1883’

In episode 4 this past weekend, 1883 fans were treated to a very intense episode. It appears that the journey is weighing heavy on the travelers early. Shea and Thomas are attempting to lead the immigrant caravan while keeping them from tearing themselves apart.

Stealing in the camp had to be squashed out. 1883 made a point to make death and misery seem common. Someone gets run over by a wagon. Another person is mauled by a wild dog. A woman is bitten by a snake. Then, of course, there’s the Brazos River.

Despite Shea telling everyone to leave and dump everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary, they brought the unnecessary. For the immigrants, letting go of their belongings is difficult. These items are the only connection they have to home. A musician must give up his piano. If they do not, the wagons will not float across the river and will doom them to the water.

This episode of 1883 was a hard one to watch. The death and the sadness are starting to stack. Everything seems to be slowly unraveling. And, the journey hasn’t even really begun.