‘1883’s LaMonica Garrett on the ‘Brutal’ Conditions of Filming

by Jonathan Howard

Before the premiere of 1883 last night, LaMonica Garrett took time to do a virtual roundtable that included Outsider’s own Jon D.B.

From a studio in Las Vegas, Garrett spoke with Outsider and other media in a roundtable discussion about the show. He fielded questions and gave us some great answers to what life is like as a cast member of 1883.

Taylor Sheridan wants everything to be right with his shows. The outfits, the dialogue, the events that take place, everything. So, it is no wonder that the cast had to go through such difficult conditions in order to make the show.

The 1883 actor was asked about the conditions the cast and crew had to deal with while filming and it does not sound like a fun day at the park.

“Being in Montana, it was 60, 70 mile per hour winds. It was 15, 20 degrees,” the actor said. “You’re outside every day. The horses know when bad weather is coming so if you have a shootout they’re not participating how they should be. It just makes it bad for everybody.”

It isn’t just the weather that is a problem for the 1883 cast, either.

“And my suit, my jacket is wool, my chaps are like 10 pounds,” he continued. “I’ve got three layers underneath, I’ve got a bandolier strapping me down. Like of all the cast, they just throw as much stuff on Thomas. I have half a city on my horse. Like, everything we don’t know where to put [it] let’s just put it on Thomas and his horse, King.”

From Freezing Cold to ‘100-degree’ Temperatures

While it sounds like all of those clothes would be great in the Montana cold and wind, that isn’t the only place the show films. Of course, the cast of 1883 had to film in Texas and pretty much throughout the Oregon trail to get everything they wanted for the show.

“And you’re in 100-degree weather in Fort Worth and Weatherford in the middle of summer in Texas,” Garrett said looking exhausted. “It’s brutal. And it just kept getting brutal and we’re going back to probably a brutal situation now, but it looks beautiful and that’s the end goal.”

Already after one episode, the beauty of the scenery and everything else has been shown. It was just a little taste of what is sure to come as the season continues and we see the wagon train move further down the line. 1883 brings the realness, that’s for sure.

‘1883’ Shines in Premiere

The premiere last night really set the tone for the rest of the season. We have a wagon train of German and central European immigrants heading out on the Oregon Trail. Shea and Thomas are there to guide them and get most of them through the journey. Then there is James Dutton who has joined with his family partly to protect them and to also assists the Pinkerton agents.

This is going to be a fun and wild season of 1883. Make sure you tune in next week to get the next installment.