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‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Explains Why Taylor Sheridan Is Great To Work For

by Joe Rutland
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Anyone who has been a part of 1883 has good things to say about Taylor Sheridan. LaMonica Garrett sure does. Especially when it comes to how great Taylor Sheridan is to work for on the set. After all, the 1883 creator has some acting chops to boot. But he’s also a writer, producer, and director. Seeing 1883 and Yellowstone come alive is just part of the world of Sheridan.

But LaMonica Garrett has been around, too. He’s seen different sets and how things work. Sheridan has been a cameo player on his TV shows. But he’s made appearances in Sons of Anarchy and Veronica Mars, too. Probably his own experiences there helped him understand what it is like to be a showrunner.

LaMonica Garrett Has Deep Appreciation For Taylor Sheridan

“When you’re a writer, a producer, a director, a filmmaker, and you have that background in acting, there’s a way to communicate with actors to get through to them, and Taylor knows that language,” Garrett told Looper. “Taylor will never ask you to do anything that he wouldn’t do.”

“Even during cowboy camp [in preparation for 1883], he set the tone for work ethic,” Garrett said. “He was the first one out there, in 100+ degrees. He wasn’t sitting in a cooling tent yelling at us to do certain things and to go here and to go there. He was the first one on a horse and he was out there wrangling with us.”

LaMonica Garrett knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Taylor Sheridan. There is an example of how this type of approach helps the work environment for actors.

Specific Scene Situation Offers Example of Sheridan’s Hands-On Touch

It happened while filming the first episode of 1883. See, there is a scene where Thomas, Garrett’s character, and Shea (Sam Elliott), first meet James Dutton (Tim McGraw).

James had just killed some bandits in a shootout. So, Thomas tells James not to take the horse, or the bandits’ buddies will come after him. This is when James lets the horse run off. But it is what happened next that makes Sheridan cool to work for on the set.

“When Taylor said ‘cut,’ there’s dozens of wranglers that could have went and got that horse,” Garrett said. “That horse took off. He hit the grass and he was gone.

“Taylor jumped on his horse and rode out as fast as I’ve seen anyone ride a horse, and he roped that horse and brought [it] back, and then started setting up the next shot,” Garrett said. “His hand’s in everything.” Just another of the many reasons to watch Taylor Sheridan at work and admire him. He will be busy on Yellowstone, too.