‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett ‘Honored’ To Be a Presenter at ASC Awards

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

“1883” star LaMonica Garrett presented an award at the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Awards last night. He handed out the award for Episode of a One-Hour Television Series: Commercial.

The award went to Tommy Maddox-Upshaw for his work on “SNOWFALL,” an FX series. “1883” star LaMonica Garrett posted a picture with Maddox-Upshaw and the award following the show.

“Had the honor to be a presenter tonight at the #americansocietyofcinematographers #asc,” Garrett wrote in his Instagram caption. “The category I was here for was (One Hour Commercial TV). Huge congrats to [Tommy Maddox-Upshaw] for winning this award for  @snowfallfx.”

Garrett looks nearly unrecognizable in the photo. While he certainly rocks the deep blue suit, it’s strange to see him without a familiar cowboy hat on. And with a mustache and bald head, no less. But whether it’s on “1883” or the red carpet, LaMonica Garrett certainly knows how to make a stunning impression.

‘1883’ Stars LaMonica Garrett and Faith Hill Dish on Taylor Sheridan’s Cowboy Camp

Taylor Sheridan has now become infamous for the grueling Cowboy Camp he puts his cast members through before filming begins. Both “1883” and “Yellowstone” stars had to go through the courses of learning how to properly ride, rope, and wrangle before filming any scenes. And in a recent behind-the-scenes video, “1883” stars like LaMonica Garrett and Faith Hill explained how that process went.

“Everything that we have done, we have learned how to do it properly by the best of the best,” Hill said in the video. “You must know how to do it the right way. Otherwise, it’s just kind of watered down and it just feels wrong.”

Garrett agreed. “A lot of what we’re doing now is day in and day out,” Garrett explained. “So this becomes second nature so when we’re going to the script that’s what you can focus on. And not have to worry about where are my hands are and where’s the gun.”

So, what exactly do they work on in cowboy camp? Well, in addition to riding, Garrett said they also work on “climbing up rocks, going through lakes and rivers, and steering cattle.”

But, he clarified, “Here comes Taylor [Sheridan], walking up like he’s the first one out there. He’ll never ask you to do anything that he doesn’t do.”

It’s truly a team effort on everybody’s part. Even Tim McGraw chimed in to say, “Cowboy camp was probably the most helpful thing in the world. And we all got to spend a couple of weeks together just riding horses and roping and herding cattle.”

And, McGraw will remind you that when it comes to competitions to keep an egg on a spoon without dropping it, Sheridan likes to cheat.