‘1883’: LaMonica Garrett ‘Humbled’ to Join Ranks of His Western Predecessors in New Post

by Jonathan Howard

Last night’s premiere of 1883 was a big occasion. LaMonica Garrett knows what his role on the show means historically and is “humbled” by it.

Now that we have all seen the episode, the cast and crew have been very thankful and put out some great statements. Garrett is an actor who gets it. He understands the importance of being one of the main characters in this neo-Western drama. Growing up watching all the classics, nothing is lost on the actor as he reflects on that role today.

Check out his Instagram post praising all those who paved the way for Garrett to take up his role as Thomas in 1883.

His photo showed a collage of legendary Western actors such as Raymond St. Jacques, Danny Glover, Otis Young, and Rick Worthy. The caption on the post was a beautiful dedication to the past.

“Me and my folks used to sit around watching all the old [TV] westerns. Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Wagon Train, The Virginian, The Rifleman etc. And back then the [actors’] picture or a video of them rising into frame on their horse right above their name was a symbol of stardom/celebrity in the opening credits,” Garret wrote.

When his mother pointed out that she hadn’t seen a Black actor with that distinction in a western before, Garrett went looking. What he found was in the collage he posted. Now, he has his name up in the opening credits next to a picture of himself.

“Humbled to join this group of Black actors/cowboys, pioneers in the genre by bringing Thomas to life in 1883.

LaMonica Garrett Honors Black Cowboys of the Past

In his post, the Thomas actor was quick to give credit where credit is due. While there have been a number of great Black actors over the years these were some of the most important members of the western genre.

He featured Raymond St. Jacques who starred in Rawhide. Otis Young from The Outcasts. Of course, Danny Glover in Lonesome Dove and Ricky Worthy in The Magnificent Seven. Then, he listed a number of actors that have paved the way for Black actors to be major stars in Hollywood. That list was long and included Harry Belafonte, Herb Jeffries, Fred Williamson, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx, and the original Black movie star, Bill Pickett. Pickett also happened to be a rodeo legend.

Thomas Saves Shea’s Life to Begin ‘1883’

LaMonica Garrett and Sam Elliott make up the great duo that is Thomas and Shea on 1883. We heard the two talk about that special relationship the actors and their characters have. They fought in the Civil War together and now work as Pinkerton agents.

At the beginning of the first episode, we saw Shea having to start his life over anew after his family had fallen ill and died. If it hadn’t been for Thomas showing up to work alongside his former Captain, Shea may have taken his own life. This show is seriously good, y’all.